Engine Remapping and Chipping: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Engine Remapping and Chipping: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

The alteration of the motor’s ECU (electronic control unit) to boost efficiency is referred to as remapping and ‘chipping’ an automobile. Because the vast bulk of current cars is governed by an ECU, chipping has become a frequent way to increase the performance of these vehicles an example of such chipping can be the BMW M140i Remap. The expense of remapping an ECU is frequently significantly less than a technical update due to the relative ease of the procedure, which requires no equipment or new components. Nevertheless, like with anything modification-related, there are benefits and drawbacks to getting your automobile reprogramme. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks, as well as how much it’ll cost. 

What is the difference between a motor remap and a chip?

When you hit the pedal in a contemporary vehicle, the motor is normally controlle by a computer instead of a throttle wire. The programming code that the motor gets determines how it responds. Companies can produce fewer motors while tailoring their attributes to achieve certain performance or economic goals. As a result, tuning experts now recommend connecting a computer to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port rather than replacing mechanical components (OBD). An expert can swiftly update the company’s firmware with an alternative one using this link. This could also be accomplish if you want your car’s motor map to be reset to factory settings.

Determine Who Will Be In Charge

Chip tuning isn’t complicate, and we can perform it ourselves if we have some automotive understanding. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that we shouldn’t be doing it until we are certain that we understand how to do it correctly since increasing more power without even a proper estimate can be harmful and even deadly. Finding a reputable tuner who knows exactly what to do or how much power to add for our vehicle to remain comfortable for the individuals we’re traveling with as well as ourselves is a preferable alternative.

Think About Getting New Tyres And Brakes

Please remember that more motor performance equals more power, a speedier journey, and increased tyre and brake stress. As a result, you may want to explore changing them before the trial run to ensure that all is in working order. It increases the overall cost of chip optimization, and also many people overlook this vital aspect since they are just concerned with increasing speed, and it’s not something you can overlook.

  1. As A Result Of The Guarantee, You Should See A Professional.

If you opt to modify your automobile yourself, please remember that the company’s guarantee is about to expire, and you won’t be allowe to take advantage of its advantages. As a consequence, heading to a specialize workshop where you can acquire anything you need as well as be confident that everything has been handle right is a lot of preferable decision. Not only will your car be adjust properly and safely, but you’ll also receive a guarantee, making future service much simpler and more cost-effective.

Select the Appropriate Chip

If we want to adjust your car yourself, one of the most crucial aspects is to pick the right chip. There are just too many on the marketplace, and determining which products are reputable and worthy of your money can be tough, especially if you do not have the time to conduct a thorough study. Once we’ve found the proper chip, the very next stage is to study the characteristics and directions attentively and give adequate time to complete the task correctly since there is no margin for error.

Inquire With The Coverage Provider About The Conditions

It is difficult to conceal the fact that your automobile has been chiptune; therefore we must consult with our coverage provider to see if there’ll be any additional fees as a result. The insurance providers are all here to assist you, therefore you must notify them of any changes you do to your vehicle, to be not only informe of potential expenses but also ensure that they might compensate you in the event of an incident. Being truthful with them is a great idea, and there’s no necessity to be dishonest whenever it comes to setting our car’s efficiency.


There seems to be a multitude of factors why individuals like to chiptune their vehicles, namely the desire for greater speed, enhanced power, as well as decreased fuel usage. Whatever the motive, you must exercise caution while deciding to do so since it can be quite deadly if not performed correctly. If you are unfamiliar with vehicles, using an authorise tuner or workshop is often a smart option, but if you are, it is critical to get the correct chip and be prepare to do it yourself.

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