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Everything You Need to Know About Database Testing

Everything You Need to Know About Database Testing


Recently, with the advancement of technologies, the complexity of computer applications has increased with several applications and Mobile operating systems. In addition, if the front-end is developed in a complicated way, hence you need to drown in the knowledge of the database to emerge with a more secure database.


Recently, the database has become an essential part of any computer system or application. As you know, everything exists by data and it plays a major role in making accurate decisions. Therefore, database instability will cause the system to perform and behave unexpectedly. Hence, either a database gets crashed, or gets stored in a database. Thus, in both cases the database becomes useless. So, Database Testing will help you to find the vulnerabilities within a database system and protect the database from an unstable state. In addition, using Database Testing, you can evaluate data integrity, data validity, database performance, and functionalities. Moreover, with the help of Database Testing, you can achieve maximum stability, performance, security, and efficiency of the database. Hence, to become a professional in this domain, you need to join the best Database Testing Training Institute in Noida to advance your skills and knowledge.

Types of Database Testing:

Based on function and structure, Database testing has three important parts including;

  • Structural Database Testing –

Elements of the database that users cannot see must be tested properly. Hence, Structural Database Testing has proven to be the best method. In addition, this type of this testing will help you validate the database and make it more secure.

  • Functional Testing –

This type of testing has become important and plays a major role. Moreover, White box and Black box testing have proven to be the best types of testing for this purpose.

  • Non-functional Testing –

You need to check the risk factor of the database, its performance, and the requirements of the database. This is where Non-functional Testing plays an important role.

How Can You Do Database Testing Manually?

You will require to open the SQL server and the query analyzer, write the query and then retrieve the data. In addition, you need to compare the expected results and update or remove the data to check the performance of the application. Hence, you need to set up the test environment, run the tests, validate the results, and finally report the findings to the stakeholders.

Why Database Testing is Important?

  • Data Integrity

This includes various operations such as create, retrieve, update, and delete. In addition, it consists of CRUD operations, and the data shared must be visible on a screen. In addition, it includes data checking points and checks for their consistency.

  • Data Mapping

You will need to map out the data in any software, as you know data keeps on moving from the User Interface to the database backend and coming back to the UI. The most important aspects that you need to keep in mind include checking the frontend fields and UI to map the table within the database. In addition, it has become essential to test the actions performed and provide accurate results.

  • Rule Conformity

This point completely depends on the complexity of the project and the elements like triggers, relational constraints, stored procedures, and more. Hence, you need to keep several things in mind that will help you run the complexity easily.

  • Validation of ACID Properties

There are mainly four properties on which the performance of the Database depends Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.


Finally, Database Testing will assure the security and reliability of any application and helps in securing the privacy of users’ data. Thus, it has become important to carry out database testing to ensure data integrity, consistency, etc. Hence, if you want to join this field as a professional, you must get the best Database Testing Training in Delhi to enhance your skills and knowledge.


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