Facebook Alternatives

Facebook Alternatives

The social networking alternatives to Facebook have been very much debatable in the context of today’s world. When privacy concerns are prevailing, the whistleblower reveal that the personal information of 87 million Facebook users had been access. This was do by Cambridge Analytica to influence the voter are choice. In this case although Facebook had an indirect involvement, it was defame for not protecting user information.


Some alternatives to Facebook


  • KalamTime

This messaging and call application is unparalleled for its unique services and quality end-to-end encryption is policies. Its main features include real-time translation that is allows people to communicate with others abroad without any language barriers. Every audio, text or video message can be translate into the chosen language of the recipient. This involves 20+ languages like Arabic, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. Moreover you can even edit messages after sending them. There is no limit to the length of messages, files or audio and videos that you can send. 


  • Vero

This is an ad-free and algorithm-proof is facebook alternative. Vero is free for a limited time so join as a founding member and have a free lifetime subscription. This app is refer to as ‘more social and less media’ and has been famous amongst users recently. A major reason for this is the many data leaks occurring on other. Social platforms be it Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. There is no data mining here so your posts are not monitor. Vero counters social media addiction by including usage information in the dashboard. There are no push notifications either. 


  • Niche Networks

For the people interested in hobby or career related opportunities niche social networks are the perfect choice. Musical.ly for music and dance fans. DeviantArt is for art lovers and Digg for news junkies. This app is age-target. An example of this is Snabbo a.k.a Social Network Allowing Baby Boomers. Similarly Lego Life is a network that follows the Instagram interface for children under the age of 13. Through these close-knit groups people can learn in a specific type of social community. Hence these closed groups are gaining more appeal than the public feeds on social media apps like Facebook.


  • Minds

This open-source facebook alternative is dedicate to free speech. You can protect your privacy and simultaneously earn crypto awards. The code and algorithms on Minds are freely visible for transparency and accountability. You can be reward with MINDS Tokens every day for creating popular content. Referring the app to friends or providing liquidity. This is an anti-establishment facebook clone. It is free of censorship. New users even take advantage of the ‘migrate from facebook’ function. Monthly income can be generate by social networking by monthly posts and ad sharing. People can also send or you direct payments through USD, Bitcoin and Ether. There are groups on this app that allow you to connect under a common topic of interest. Anyone can create these groups. Every user on Minds owns a ‘Channel.’ Here you post, comment, subscribe and earn tokens. 




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