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Facial Hair Restoration: What Is It? How Does it Work? And More!

Facial Hair Restoration: What Is It? How Does it Work? And More!

What is facial hair restoration? It would help if you understood that the common facial hair loss condition that always affects men is patchy beards. Therefore, in applying facial hair transplants, individuals can achieve the best results from simple procedures. You should know today that a beard treatment often provides the best facial hair transplant solution, especially for individuals who are known to have an uneven distribution of facial hair along their jawline. Today the article will explain what we mean by this hair restoration technique, how facial works, and many other benefits one may expect.

How Does Facial Hair Restoration Work?

It is advised that you understand first the anatomy of facial hair transplants before you go for it. Understand that beard transplant is all about transferring graft hair from one place of your body to the beard area of your face. As we all understand, beards usually start to form precisely when a man reaches puberty, and this process continues resulting in the formation of more beads under the chin and above its chin. Today you should agree with me that a beard transplant is the most straightforward procedure due to its nature of being influenced by beard growth.

The surgeon will always extract healthy hair from the donor region and finally transplant it to the beard area of the face that requires a coat. In addition, healthy and more robust hair that is known to be resistant to hair loss mainly comes from the back of the donor’s head. You should know that this type of hair is healthy enough to withstand the hair transplant process and condition; hence if a donor does not have enough healthy hair, the doctor always decides to get hair from the body of another healthy donor.

What is a Facial Hair Restoration Procedure?

Before involving yourself in it, you must know first what facial hair restoration means. First and foremost, going through a facial hair transplant is said to contain minimal discomfort. This is because your doctor will have to use local anesthesia to numb the surgery area before the procedure begins. Instead, you might sometimes experience some slight discomfort during surgery. Sometimes a patient can experience some inflammation and redness in the surgery site after undergoing the procedure. But the best information you should know is that you will only share these effects for a few days, and afterward, you will enjoy the treatment results.  

How do the Harvesting, Implantation, and Recovery Process

Most of the time, these three processes; are harvesting, implantation, and recovery in facial hair transplant. Under harvesting, it does not mean whether your doctor will apply FUE or FUT methods. They will first have to look for a way of extracting graft hair, a process known as harvesting. It would be best if you understood that this is usually done in areas with healthy. And more robust hair that will finally evaluate hair follicles. You should know that BHHR only harvests single hair follicles using the latest FUE technology, considering density and naturalness. Implantation involves sucking surgery and implanting grafter hair once enough, and healthy hair has been harvested.

Once a FUT hair transplant is applied, the surgeon must invest each follicle unit into the individual’s facial skin. This allows doctors to customize the beard shapes according to the patient’s facial hair transplant requirements. Recovery from beard implant surgery is known to take only a few days. And you should know that the results will not just be shown immediately; hence it will take about 3 to 6 months.


Facial hair restoration is a beard transplant mechanism that primarily focuses on men who have some complications in the growth of their beards after attaining puberty age. Just as with normal hair transplanting, your doctor will have to look for healthy. And more robust hair that will withstand transplanting conditions and finally bring about strong and appealing results. Healthy and more vigorous hair are said to be extracted from the back head of the donor. The vital information you should also know is that facial hair transplants. It often applies FUT and FUE techniques in its process during hair extraction from the donor.



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