Five simple reasons to have enterprise NAS storage in your data center

Five simple reasons to have enterprise NAS storage in your data center

Are you a large enterprise or maybe a small business? There’s a good chance you have a lot of data processing going around. But do you have the right equipment? If you’re wondering whether NAS storage is suitable for your company, check out this list of five simple reasons why it should be.

Scalability and flexibility

The best NAS systems storage offers scalability and flexibility. What does this mean for you? It simply means you don’t have to invest in multiple hardware. The kind of hardware that won’t be used to its full potential. Yes, we all know the overspending problem.

But don’t worry. With Network Attached Storage, pay for the storage you need. Check out StoneFly for their super scale-out storage to learn more on how.

A high degree of compatibility

Enterprise NAS storage can be used with a variety of operating systems. This includes Windows, Linux, and others. There is also support for enterprise-level applications. Applications like Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP are fully supported.

But you got to have a high-performing NAS. This is especially true if many people access your storage at once. Invest in scale-out storage so you can scale your performance as needed.

Scale-out storage gives you an aggregated performance from all appliances in your clusters. This means you can tweak and fine-tune your performance to your workloads.

Reliability and security

Enterprise NAS storage includes built-in redundancy and high availability features. This is useful because companies can be confident whenever they need access to their data. They will always have the right information on hand when they need it.

NAS storage also comes with features like AES 256-bit encryption and anti-ransomware support. Anti-ransomware keeps your sensitive data out of the reach of prying eyes. In comparison, AES 256-bit encryption keeps your data secured through military-grade encryption keys.

StoneFly is one of the reputed manufacturers providing these features in their NAS appliances.

NAS storage Increases business continuity

Business continuity is vital to any enterprise. Enterprise NAS devices include data integrity features such as RAID, snapshots, and Replication vital to ensuring business continuity.

RAID keeps your drive immune to drive failures and protects the data even if one or two drives go bad. Though it will depend on the RAID level, you are using. RAID 5 or RAID 6 is the best for the highest redundancy. But it will cost you storage.

Snapshots are point-in-time backups of your system state that last worked fine. It is not a complete backup but a hint towards a working state of your system before it got problems.

On the other hand, Replication duplicates your data to another off-site or on-site location for increasing data redundancy. Storing data off-site is especially useful in cases of disaster recovery. NAS solutions also make connecting to DR and backup appliances easy for seamless operation.

Efficient file sharing

The primary purpose of a NAS solution is to access and store data without any hiccups seamlessly. Enterprise NAS offers a centralized platform to access data.

Even though data is dispersed among many appliances, it doesn’t matter where it is located when a person accesses it. That is because of the way NAS is created.

Redundancy, multiple appliances connected as one storage unit, and centralized storage space make data accessibility easy as possible. In a way, it is independent of the geographical location of data.

Bottom Line

So here you go. Top 5 reasons to make up your mind to get an enterprise solution for your data center. If you like this post, thumbs up. Check out our other articles on NAS storage and NAS solutions.


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