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Five Trending Wedding Floral Design Ideas In 2022

Five Trending Wedding Floral Design Ideas In 2022

Are you looking for trending floral wedding designs that are popular worldwide? This blog will discuss five major trending floral designs that will be hugely popular in 2022. Before deciding on the exact floral design, you should first consult with a proper wedding florist to understand all the basics and necessities of making beautiful designs.

Although several wedding flower designs are available, we have chosen only five to give you an idea about five different designs. You can choose any other design if your florist permits. The availability of flowers also has a great effect on the design. Discuss with your florist before making the final call.

Cascade Wedding Bouquet

Cascade wedding bouquets are one of the most important floral designs for weddings in 2022. In this style, several flowers are tied together, making beautiful bouquets with branches and ribbons. Although this design has been going on for years, the recent popularity of cascade wedding bouquets has increased massively.

Fun fact, Princess Diana carried a cascade wedding bouquet during her wedding. If you are looking to make a cascade wedding bouquet, you should consult with a reliable London wedding florist.

Colour Themed Designs

Many of us love to make colour-themed designs while our weddings. If you want to make a theme around a colour, you can do that by choosing bespoke wedding flowers in London. These flower designs have a great impact and have a distinct look.

Purple, green and other warm colours are hugely popular around the world. You can choose your favourite colour as your theme. Professional florists can make that possible for you.

Fluorescent Designs

The use of fluorescent colours and flowers in weddings is hugely popular in western countries, especially if your wedding ceremony happens in the daytime. Florists often use pink blooms, peonies and other flowers to make it possible.

Adding bright ribbons and items can help make your wedding look great. Try to use seasonal flowers to make your design cost-effective and beautiful. Please consult a professional wedding florist to make your wedding day look the best.

Classic English Garden Floral Design

Do you like classic designs? Then you can choose a classic English garden style for your wedding day. One of the most natural and simple styles is this design. People are fond of using peonies, garden roses, lavenders, and other flowers to make an English garden style possible. The year 2022 has seen an increase in these floral designs at weddings. Choose an experienced florist to make any designs possible.

Dried Floral Designs

Have you heard of dried floral designs for wedding ceremonies? If not, consult with a professional wedding florist to make it possible. Although expensive, using dried flowers can make your design look exclusive. The Rusty looks of these dried flowers with proper lighting can make your event look rich and beautiful.

We have discussed the five major floral designs as promised. Hope this blog will find you the best and most unique floral designs for your wedding. Choose the best one for yourself and be convenient for your florist.


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