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Get familiar with the best termite inspection method!

Get familiar with the best termite inspection method!

Smart homeowners live in a place where termite control is necessary. A big part of controlling termites is keeping termites out of your home. And the first step to doing this is to set up termite testing. Now that you’ve planned it, what can you expect from termite inspection cost near me? Check out their services as well.

Things you can do before hiring a termite inspection profession

Little bit rearranging

Anything you put under your sink in the kitchen and bathroom will need to be moved to another location so that the inspector can check your water sources for termites. Inside your garage, drive whatever you put on the wall about two feet [2 m] from the wall. If there are any objects against the walls outside your house. They will also need to be moved two meters outside before calling for a termite inspection.


Anything that blocks the door to the basement should be removed before the professional’s visit. It does not just the inspector need to get into the basement, but he wants to make sure that no debris falls on the roof that interferes with your belongings while working.

Clear crawl space

Suppose your home is built on a raised foundation, making it easier for the inspector to enter the crawling area. Clear the open space, remove any obstructions, and ensure nothing stored in the crawl will interfere with the inspector’s work.

TAKE CARE OF some landscaping 

Small plants such as trees or a ground cover hide the outer walls or foundation.

WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE termite inspection?

  • During the termite inspection, you can expect the inspector to spend about an hour to two hours carefully inspecting your area.
  • This time, of course, will vary depending on the size of your area. The inspector will inspect your home’s interior and exterior and check for visible signs of termites, including sewage, broken wings, mud tubes, and damaged wood.
  • The inspector will inspect your floorboards, walls, windows, crawls, door frames, interior cabinets, and cupboards. During this test, you will need access to all areas of your home, including the garage and attic, and you will pay special attention to toilets, kitchens, and work rooms. Why? Because underground termites often use areas where pipes enter the slab to reach your home.
  • Outside your house, the inspector will look at the exterior walls and eves of the house and inspect the foundation in addition to signs of damage to the wood.

HOW TO PREVENT Future termite inspection treatment?

The termite inspection will be looking at the mud tubes at the base. After carefully inspecting the home, the inspector will move on to the surrounding area and yard to ensure that those areas do not show signs of termites. When the inspection process is complete, the inspector will notify you of the findings. If there is an infestation, treatment will be recommended, but even if there is no infestation, the inspector may suggest preventive treatments to keep your home safe. They can also give you advice on how to prevent termite infestation by using good habits, including:

Getting rid of excess moisture

Repair leaky taps quickly; do not let water accumulate near your base. Keep gutters clean from clogs, and use downspouts to divert water away from the house. Make sure the soil around your home is level so that you do not keep moisture away from the foundation.

Landscaping IS CLEAN

Do not let wood debris, wood cover, or firewood come in contact with the outside of your home. And remove any old tree stumps or dead trees in your area. Try to prevent any contact with wood on the ground in your home and any fence in your area. Cut down trees and shrubbery, so you do not touch the wood surface in the house and give termites an excellent way to get in.


Broken roof tiles and sloping doors can expose wood beams on the roof and provide easy access to termites.

Say no to the cardboard.

Cardboard boxes and garages can be a food source for termites, so keep this small.


Look through your windows to find discarded wings, pay attention to the soundless floorboards, and inspect the mud tubes outside your house.

Planning annual termite inspection services!

An expert termite inspection can detect signs of an attack that you may not have been able to give you an ant termite treatment or prevent future termite infestation. Expert termite anthrax can see signs of an attack that you may not have been able to provide you with an ant termite treatment or prevent future termite infestation. If it is time for the termite test, it is time to call Termite Services. We check for termites to make sure your home is free of termites. We also work hard to help you keep your home safe in the evening, using naturally occurring and low-impact environmental chemicals. We will identify and treat attacks in the most effective ways and with unparalleled guarantees, solving your termite problems for the first time with the industry’s best rate of “no reversal.


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