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Here is a list of five notable persons and the hobbies that they enjoy doing in their spare time.

Here is a list of five notable persons and the hobbies that they enjoy doing in their spare time.

Find out what well-known people do in their leisure time and try to emulate it.

Do you have any idea what Narendra Modi. The current Prime Minister of India, likes to do in his leisure time? What is it that the legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan enjoys doing in his spare time? Take a look at some fascinating information regarding the hobbies of famous “desi” and “videshi” people.

PM Narendra Modi

The current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is an avid photographer who likes to take pictures. Whenever he has the opportunity. We recently saw Narendra Modi taking pictures of a lion while he was campaigning in Chattisgarh. This is in addition to the fact that we saw him using the selfie tool while he was campaigning.

Amitabh Bachchan

When you go deeper into the private lives of well-known people. You’ll find that their passions and hobbies are much more intriguing than you originally thought. Mr. Bachchan’s favourite way to pass the time is by contributing to various online blogs. We have seen Bollywood’s Shehensha recite his father’s poetry at a number of different events; however, the blogs that he writes get a tremendous response on a number of different social networking sites.

The Ambani Brothers as a Brotherhood

What kinds of things do you think a person who works in industry could enjoy doing in their spare time? It has been said that Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has a personal theatre at his apartment and that he frequently sees Bollywood films. This information has been confirmed, so there you have it. On the other hand, Anil Ambani, Chairman of the Reliance Group, is well-known for his dedication to a healthy lifestyle and his participation in a number of marathons. He enjoys staying in shape.

M.S Dhoni

Even before MS Dhoni joined the Indian best cricket id team for the first time, he was well-known for the unusual haircut he had throughout his time with the team. It has been brought to our attention that two of Captain Cool’s favourite pastimes are collecting super vehicles and going on bike rides. Not only is Virat Kohli well-known for his high score, but he is also well-known for the stylish statement that he makes during each match. The Kohli family invests their money on travel both as a form of enjoyment and as an investment.

To quote Donald Trump: Playing golf

Golf is a passion of Donald Trump’s, a successful businessman who will shortly take office as the president-elect of the United States of America. The vast bulk of his leisure time is spent pursuing the activity or hobby that he holds in the highest regard.

Here is a list of five notable persons and the hobbies that they enjoy doing in their spare time.

Get cooking

Apart from being an essential life skill, learning to cook can have positive effects on your health and lifestyle when you start making better food choices. We guarantee you’ll forget all about takeout, once you get started in the kitchen. While Queer Eye star and celebrity chef Antoni Porowski hosted his own cooking show on Instagram to teach us easy recipes for dishes such as salmon squash and chicken strips, cookbook author Chrissy Teigen kept us engaged with her mix of Thai and American-Norwegian fares like maple-glazed orange chicken and Pad-Thai.


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