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How Law Students Can Find Dissertation Samples about criminalology?

How Law Students Can Find Dissertation Samples about criminalology?

To look for dissertation samples on the subject of criminology, you can search for them on the Internet. You can also check the website of university and see whether it has materials for students pursuing the subject. Biological theories of crime, Social bonding, and routine activities are some of the topics you can look for. Personality is another topic you can look for. In addition to that, the Research Cell of the university may have a list of past projects or sample proposals. You can also conduct an online search on the topic and try to refine the site This way, you will get only credible examples of the topic.

Biological theories of crime:

If you are in the process of writing a dissertation on crime and biological theories, you may want to find dissertation samples that are related to this topic. Both theories share the basic idea that criminal behaviour is due to abnormality of the human brain, and there are differences between them. While classical theories place the blame on individuals, biological theories place responsibility on forces that are beyond the control of an individual. In this way, genetics can influence criminal behaviour, but so can the environment.

Social bonding:

If you’re wondering how to find dissertation samples about criminology, you’ve come to the right place. Criminal law students can use the public libraries and their online databases to find dissertation samples, as well as research papers published in the field. Beware of using textbook examples, though. A good rule of thumb is to start with the most recent papers – those from the last decade are not likely to be as relevant as those from a year ago.

Crime statistics:

Crime statistics can help you determine what areas of your city are most violent. Some of these areas include the correctional system, social media, and even drug control. The correctional system in the United States, for example, may not be as effective as advertised. A prisoner reentry process may also be flawed. Crime statistics are also vital to the overall health of a community. In the US, the criminal justice system deals with crimes of the ruling class and other corrupt entities.

Routine activities:

Criminal behaviour and crime theory have many similarities. While routine activities theory has been used to explain some types of crimes in the past, it has since been applied to a wide variety of crimes. The concept of target suitability is central to the theory, which looks at both the vulnerability and motivation of individuals and how these factors influence their likelihood of committing crimes. This concept is remarkably influential in the victimology field.


The concept of routine activities is one of the most controversial theories in criminology. It argues that crime is simply ordinary everyday behaviour that has no deep psychological cause. It assumes that the offender has a motivation to commit a crime and that the situation requires a suitable target and the absence of a guardian. This theory, however, does not address whether crime is motivated by an individual or by a larger social or societal change.


How can law students find dissertation samples about criminology? One way to find credible examples is to go to the library and browse through research papers and books. Avoid textbook examples and begin with the most recent paper. You can use that example because it’s more relevant to today’s society than a paper from ten years ago. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few resources for you.

Course requirements:

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Birmingham (BU) combines the study of law and criminology. Students completing this course will earn 120 credits, with 20 credits for each of the compulsory Law modules and 20 credits for optional Criminology modules. In year one, students will take four compulsory Law modules and two mandatory Criminology modules. The rest of the 120 credits must be taken from a list of Criminology modules and optional Law modules.

Dissertation topics:

If you are looking for a dissertation title in criminology, you’re not alone. Hundreds of students take criminology courses and dissertations every year. These papers examine the nature of the American criminal justice system and its relationship with the police, courts, and the public. Criminologists study current issues in law enforcement and explore the use of deadly force and corruption. Major court cases and decisions are examined as well. Students can even take a hands-on class taught by a judge who presides over actual trials. This hands-on class will allow you to observe real trials and debate the issues pertaining to the criminal justice system.


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