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How To Automate The Recruitment Process To Retain Top Talent?

How To Automate The Recruitment Process To Retain Top Talent?

Employees are a valuable resource that businesses cannot afford to lose in this tight labour market. Therefore, companies must focus more than ever on keeping their finest workers to ensure that they operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. There are various methods for businesses to accomplish this like hiring/recruitment process refinement, engagement activities, team-building/-bonding and more. Still, one of the most significant ways is to immediately demonstrate to your employees how important they are to your operation through a thorough and friendly recruitment process. They’ll want to stay longer because they’ll realise how much you cherish them. Traditional recruitment and onboarding take time when we talk about bulk hiring. Fortunately, modern HR technology like uKnowva HRMS can assist you in developing a systematised approach while meticulously monitoring the value-adding impact.

4 Ways In Which Automating The Recruitment Process Can Help You To Retain Top Talent:

Automation of application flow

The applications will start to flow after your advertisements flash on the appropriate job posting channels. So, your HR department will probably spend endless hours reviewing resumes for positions that aren’t a good fit. Automation is essential because traditional hiring can be less motivating and impact team productivity and bandwidth. 

However, the application process itself should be the first place to look. Are you losing qualified individuals because of challenging forms and extra steps? Are the questions on your application form the most crucial and time-saving ones? 

Applications flow technology in the recruitment engine by uKnowva streamline the process for job seekers and recruiters. It eliminates unqualified applicants and helps recruiters assess the leads that are still of high quality. 

Choose specific disqualifying questions with your HR staff to clarify what you’re looking for and exclude applicants that are the wrong fit. For example, if you run a phone service firm, it could be a good idea to inquire about the candidates’ prior telecommunications industry expertise. A poorly calibrated system could drastically reduce your team’s lead selection. Thus, before putting the system in place, it could be a good idea to run your disqualifying questions past your HR department to be sure.

First, set the qualifying processt. Use or implement uKnowva HRMS’s recruitment engine to automate it. Then hiring the right talent from day one would benefit the team and the company. And when you hire the right employee, the retention score must improve eventually as they fit the culture.

Automation of the talent pipeline

The challenging work starts now that you have a steady flow of top-notch leads. It takes time to create a shortlist of candidates to move on to the interview stage. Then, even the HR department’s communication silos make this process longer. 

Using progressive profiling and talent pipeline technologies to segment candidates will save time and eliminate feedback loops. The most qualified candidates will have the priority with this technology, resulting in productive and successful interviews. In addition, you can constantly reevaluate second-level applications. You, then, would not start the process fresh if none of your shortlisted candidates create lasting impression in the interview process.

uKnowva HRMS also stores the information of all these candidates to create an internal job portal. HR recruiters and leaders get help from this resource pool to hire the best candidate in the next hiring session. It saves their cost and time before they think of venturing into the new job portal or job search engine. 

Prioritising skill-based hiring

While there is no denying that automation will play a significant role in human resources, some HR people still worry. It happens beccause they may classify candidates too strictly. A candidate who initially seems unqualified may possess the necessary qualifications not earlier highlighted in their initial application form. Your organisation may lose the best talent if reject the candidate based on single-sighted information. Therefore, employers are responding to this with talent intelligence solutions based on AI. 

These distinguish skills beyond a brief résumé by considering things like potential rather than work history. This technology applies to all HR levels, algorithmically evaluating the skills of all applicants. It helps employers in identifying the potential person to fill an open position or new role quickly. 

It should be used in conjunction with uKnowva HRMS, which in itself is a cloud-based workflow management platform. This can be incredibly helpful when making internal hires or assisting current employees in advancing their careers at the organisation. This unwavering attention to talent and aptitude eliminates hiring bias by creating a more diversified pool of candidates. Automation in the recruitment process promotes inclusivity and strengthens your business’ commitment to diversity and equality.

Intelligent chatbots

According to the latest recruitment tips, candidates must be informed of business policies, job descriptions, benefits, and an overview of the hiring procedure.

Questions are still likely to come up even though this information can be briefly stated in job adverts or sent through email to interested candidates. Candidates can expect a certain level of employee experience from your organisation based on how you respond to these questions. AI-driven chatbots are a standard tool for customer service, and the same feature can completely change talent acquisition metrics. Chatbots can provide candidates with information about the employment process and respond to their inquiries thanks to real-time machine learning. 

Some firms are also utilising AI-based automation from uKnowva HRMS to screen prospects for jobs and set up interviews, freeing HR professionals to concentrate on developing sincere bonds with qualified applicants. 

Talent acquisition specialists generally claim that AI has altered their hiring practices. It makes sense that chatbots are becoming the new norm, given their real-time response capabilities and the vast data they generate.

Conclusion on Automating the Recruitment Process

The secret to securing top talent and resources lies in your company’s recruitment process. It will give you a significant competitive advantage on all other business metrics. HR’s time to shine is now. But if you’re still using cumbersome manual procedures, it isn’t easy to take advantage of this chance to expedite transformation, support growth, and create competitive distinction. 

The only way forward is through automation if you want to stay up with your company’s aggressive hiring ambitions without compromising a top-notch onboarding experience and all the advantages that go along with it. uKnowva HRMS understands that functionality and offers hiring to retirement automation at every value-adding touchpoint.


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