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How to Carry Out a House Shifting From Bangalore to Kolkata?

How to Carry Out a House Shifting From Bangalore to Kolkata?

Are you planning to carry out a house shifting from Bangalore to Kolkata? Feeling lost thinking about the intricacies of intercity house shifting? Are you wondering how to find the authentic and experienced packers and movers to execute your house shifting?

Don’t feel helpless as I have just the right information to lift your spirits. In this article, I have provided you the know how to carry out house shifting from Bangalore to Kolkata.

House shifting is a complicated occurrence in our life. It takes a toll on your physical and mental health no matter you move solo or with your entire family. You experience thrill and morose at the same time. You feel excited thinking about the probable positive changes that can happen in the new place.

You feel grim thinking about the uncertainty of the future in a new place. Therefore, you are emotionally torn apart. However, if you have decided to carry out an intercity house shifting from Bangalore to Kolkata, I will help you in the best way possible.

Here is how you should carry out a house shifting from Bangalore to Kolkata:

Create a checklist:

Creating a checklist is the first thing that you should do as you plan for a house shifting. Make separate checklists for every room. In this way, the entire process will be more planned and comprehensive. Jot down the names of all the belongings that you want to carry from your present home to your new house in Ahmedabad.

Creating a checklist will help you to assume the size of your move. It will further help your packers and movers to determine the number of boxes that will be needed to move your belongings from one house to another.

Steer Clear of the mess:

As you plan to carry out an intercity house shifting, or even a local house shifting for that matter, you should de-clutter your household. According to the checklist that you have made earlier, you can separate the essentials from the inessentials.

You should not carry the unnecessary things from Bangalore to Kolkata paying extra transportation charges only to clutter up your new house. Therefore, steer clear of the mess as soon as possible. You can sell or donate the things that are of no use to you but can serve some purpose to the needy.

As for the rest of the trash, you should discard them. De-cluttering is an appropriate way to cut down the moving cost to a certain extent.

Find the best-suited packers and movers:

As we already discussed that house shifting is a back-breaking process. It involves an elaborate flowchart of packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and rearranging the things in the new house. Executing all of the steps on your own will create unrestrained chaos and stress.

You should find the best-suited packers and movers for your intercity house shifting. Look for the authentic, competent, and experienced packers and movers in your vicinity and your moving budget. The packers and movers are trained and practiced in their job so they can execute a move with pace and precision.

Protect the valuables:

House shifting is a chaotic activity and everything seems out of place on the day of the move. If you are looking for something important, you will not be able to find it amidst the unending pile of your belongings. So, it is a wise decision to save your valuable belongings in advance.

Things like your precious jewellery, expensive watches, high-end gadgets, important documents, etc. must be kept safe before the onset of the chaos. Therefore, keep all the valuables in a distinct bag and store it in your wardrobe under your supervision. Don’t discuss this bag with your moving team. Carry it with you as you move from Bangalore to Kolkata with your family.

Get insured

As you conduct an intercity house shifting, you should be concerned about the safety of your belongings on the move. Get in-transit insurance. If there is some mishap on the way from Bangalore to Kolkata and your goods get missing or damaged, the moving company will pay you rightful compensation against the lost or damaged product.

Manage the utility services

One of the fussiest areas in case of intercity house shifting is the right way to manage the utility services. Utility services are those essential services that we need on a daily basis to continue with our modern lifestyle.

As you carry out with your intercity move, remember to terminate the utility services in Bangalore. Again, as you reach Ahmedabad, you have to subscribe to new utility services. Contact the utility service providers before the day of the move to manage the subscriptions tactfully.

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While moving from Bangalore to Kolkata, it is natural for you to not have a clear idea of the construction and interior of the new house. So, as you get to check your new house, you may want to do some necessary alterations according to your preference.

In such cases, you can put up in a hotel in Kolkata and store your belongings in a warehouse. The warehouses are safe as they are guarded by armed security guards and they also have CCTV cameras installed at every corner.

In Brief

House shifting is rigorous process. Carrying out a house shifting from Bangalore to Kolkata through a distance of 944 kilometres is a colossal task. But if you follow the above mentioned points, you will be able to execute this painstaking process painlessly.

As you shift from Bangalore to Kolkata, you will be experiencing a cleaner AQI. But again you will miss all the fun and frolic of Bangalore in the dry and arid city! Make sure you pack the needful in that case! Wish you a happy move.

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