How to Create a Professional Email Signature Using a Template?

How to Create a Professional Email Signature Using a Template?

To run a great business, many professionals understand that the communication between you and your customers is the key. Just like a logo plays an important part in establishing an image in front of your customers, the same happens with a professional email signature. It helps in establishing an image in front of your clients and people you send out your emails to. The emailing space is something where even small businesses can compete with the bigger ones. Because you do not have to worry about any ads coming over you. Additionally there is no extra cost to make your channel work.

But there is a lot of effort that has to be integrated in creating an exceptional email signature. That’s quite important because all of that is going to help you in getting your client’s attention. There are so many helpful tools that can give you this. But an expert will surely give you an extra edge. So, here is how you will be able to create an amazing email signature using the Designhill signature generator.

Things that you will require to integrate in your email signature

First and the foremost thing that has to be sorted by you is the inclusion of elements. What all things are going to be there on your signature and what should not. That has to be decided by you by investing sufficient time. You can also go through some signatures that you find fancy. But here are some important things that should not be neglected.

  • Basic information of the sender

Okay so starting up, you will surely include the basic information about yourself. Like the name, destination, contact details, and the address of your office. These are a few things that would come under your basic info. and you can edit it as per your choice.

  • Image inclusion

After this, your next task is to include a few images in your signature. And these won’t be some generic or casual images. Rather they can be a product image, banner, your logo, or your profile picture. Any of these will work fine. But don’t try to include more than 1 picture. Otherwise, it will look a bit cluttered at the end. 

  • Other important elements

There are few other things as well that you might have to consider integrating in your signature. These important factors are going to give you a better look at the signature and you will surely get more attention. 

How easily will you be able to create an email signature using Designhill?

The email signature generator of Designhill is an automated feature that uses AI and all your inputs to create email signature. Apart from this you will simply have to include a few steps in the process. Execution of these steps will give you a great logo at the end. And you will enjoy the look of it. 

Moreover, using the Designhill generator, you will get multiple options from which you will have to make a choice. Here are a few quick and easy to follow steps that can help in your signature creation.

  • First of all, you will have to start by creating a custom design of probably 800x 400 pixels. This is usually preferred by professionals for their signatures.
  • Once this is done, you can enter the signature designer and start creating your custom email signature. You will have to select the shape, elements, pattern, brand color, images, and the fonts. 
  • You can customize it according to your wish and get the best out of it. Also, after you finish the process, there will be a number of options to choose from. 
  • Next, you will have to choose the size, outline, and shape of your social handles. And the order to place it in the signature. Hyperlink each of them so that they become clickable and easily accessible.
  • Also, when you design your social media icon and try to place them; make sure each of them is a 30×30 size frame. That’s quite ideal and goes wonderfully in sync with the rest of your signature elements. Otherwise it might look too bulky and unattractive.
  • Have a look at the signatures once done, and when you like any of those- simply download the PNG file. 

We suggest keeping your email signature professional and clutter-free. The more presentable and easy to read it becomes- the better it is. Your clients will not face any problems in reading or understanding the information and it won’t be a heavy file either. Keep both these aspects in mind while designing this.

Uploading the email signature that you have just designed

Once you have created your email signature, the next thing is to upload it correctly and place it at the right place. For that you do not have to worry a lot, just follow the steps that we have mentioned below.

  • Click on the settings wheel that is there on the top right corner of your Gmail.
  • From the option list you have to scroll down to the signature section and then click on “create new signature.”
  • Next you will just have to drop your custom signature image file in the place available. And the rest will be done by the AI itself.


Although creating a professional and a good gmail signature is quite complicated. That’s because you have to not only select the information that would go in the signature. But also try to place things in their correct order. But if you choose to use the design Hill signature generator, things will be quite simple and you will not have to worry much.

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