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How to Create a PST File from an OST File?

How to Create a PST File from an OST File?

This tutorial contrasts and compares the best free and paid methods Create a PST file from an OST file needed by MS Outlook (.pst is one of the file types that may indeed be imported.). We strongly advise using professional technology to convert your OST files, whether they are damaged or not, into PST data types. Even though you can quickly integrate transformed files into Outlook 2016, 2019, and earlier versions.

While OST documents are used to preserve the offline replica off of SharePoint, PST documents are used to maintain the replica off of Outlook on the preconfigured machine. Either OST or PST documents are needed for Microsoft Outlook. Many simple explanations exist for why people convert OST files to PST files. Let’s review everything:

Major Requirement for Converting OST Data to PST Data

Convert OST to PST Age-related transformation has many benefits for older people. Think about the following example:

  • You can completely rule out the possibility that the data will actually inadvertently delete from the Exchange by converting OST files to PST format.
  • Users can still access their information if your Exchange server crashes for any reason.
  • Once you have convert the OST to a PST, the PST file can save in a secure location.
  • OST data that was offline became unavailable while Exchange is upgraded. Therefore, if anyone wants to use a specific set of documents, they must first be converted from OST to PST and then integrated into Microsoft Outlook.
  • As a result, offline OST files must convert into PST files.
  • Users are running into a number of issues when explicitly converting OST data to a PST.

When Outlook is connected to Exchange, users can easily regenerate OST documents. However, there are a few things you can do if your Exchange server goes down, whether temporarily or persistently. Data from an OST cannot be recreated. In this situation, a PST conversion tool is needed, but what issues can users run into

When Directly Create a PST File from an OST File?

Use the identical Exchange login information: No other profile or exchange profile can access an OST document. Only the exchange profile being used to build it is accessible to it. All I need to say is that OST files can be converted to PST files by Outlook clients using the original version of Outlook.

It is impossible to convert contaminate OST data: You won’t be able to reconstruct your OST document to replace a bad one when their exchange server is down. Direct OST data conversion is no longer practical at this point.

An orphaned Outlook OST file cannot recover in Exchange mailboxes. The abandoned OST file appears to be the only source of the user’s inbox data whenever Exchange fails. Surprisingly, there is no manual method for converting OST data sets. An OST file connected to your Exchange server is typically transform using physical procedures.

Technical experts of the highest caliber have a demand: People who are familiar with Outlook or even have a deep understanding of data movement should use manual techniques. We advise against using these methods unless you are completely inexperienced. Your OST files might become damaged or become inaccessible to Outlook as a result.

The most frequent problems customers encounter with their offline Outlook documents are those that are mention above.

The Best Free OST Conversion Methods for PST

For converting OST data to PST data, you have two options. One is the outdated method of manually converting OST data files.

Three methods for manually converting documents are as follows:

  • OST is Converted to PST by Outlook Native Import & Export.
  • Start by launching the MS Outlook application.
  • The “File” menu item has an “Import & Export” option.
  • Press “Export to a file” followed by “Next” to save the data to a file.
  • After choosing the Outlook data file, click “Next” (.PST).
  • Go to the inbox directory you want to transfer from and click on it. The inclusion of subfolders is an option.
  • After browsing and choosing the directory where you want to save the PST data, click “Finish.”
  • To use this method, keep in mind that you’ll need both an Exchange server connection and Outlook installed on your local PC.

Using the Archive Mechanism, Create a PST File from an OST File

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • From the “File” button, choose the Archive option.
  • Next, choose the directory or file you want to archive.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose a location to keep the archived document.
  • Click Finish to finish.
  • Using the archive method, you can move all OST contents other than the contacts.

Drag and Drop OST to PST Conversion

  • Using this process, you can convert mailbox data from an OST document to a new PST document.
  • Get Microsoft Outlook going.
  • Your Outlook profile should indeed produce new PST files.
  • All of your mailbox directories should drop into the newly created outlook document.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot combine items from common folders like Inbox, Contacts, and so forth within a PST document.


If you have permission for the Outlook profile, you can convert an OST file into a PST file for free. Your only choice if you only have OST data is to use one of the retrieval solutions.


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