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How To Draw A Bridge

How To Draw A Bridge

How To Draw A Bridge

Draw a bridge in just 6 easy steps! On the surface, the bridge performs a fundamental function; it’s a way to get from one side of something to the other. These functional structures can be found anywhere from garden streams to blanketing vast expanses of the ocean. They can also make a beautiful outdoor scene, and their beauty can make learning how to draw a bridge very enjoyable. With the back of this manual, you will be competent to release your beautiful bridge! We hope you enjoy this step-by-step guide on how to draw a bridge in 6 easy steps! Scary things to draw

Draw a bridge

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a bridge, we will start by outlining the bridge, which you can add details to later. For this step, you can also use a pencil for now while you work on the detailed outlines of the bridge. This review may seem straightforward and complicated, but it will be much easier if you take it slowly and step by step. When drawing this bridge, it would be best to work on it as if you were making a natural bridge: from side to side. You can remove the path and details on the left and hike on the right. It will take patience, but it will be worth it in the end!

Step 2

You have finished reviewing your deck drawing and can now start adding some details to it in this step. The main details we will add in this step will be brig details on the top and bottom of the deck. You can use straight lines along the top of the bridge for the top bricks, while for the base, you can draw curved stone shapes.

Step 3

For the third step of our guide on drawing a bridge, we will add some stone details to the sides of the bridge. This is another step where it may take some time and patience, but the result will be worth it! To draw these details, you can use several circular shapes all around the bridge, and although they are pretty close to each other, none will touch.

Step 4

The bridging aspect of your bridge drawing is done now, so we’ll add some detail to complete the landscape around it in the final steps. You can now draw a few small flower shapes on the surrounding bushes and shrubs. Then you can remove some line details next to the path leading to the bridge. You can also use similar information on the water passing under the bridge to give it some flow. These are just some details you can add, but feel free to add any other minor details you want for your image!

Step 5

Before you start coloring your picture, we have a few final details to add to this tutorial on drawing a bridge. The main component we will add will be jagged lines in the background. They will form pointed shapes that will represent pine trees in the environment. Such forms may seem simple, but they significantly contribute to developing the decor of your image.

Before moving on to the final step, add the details you want! One idea you could use would be to add weather detail to the sky above the bridge. There may be a bright sunny day overhead, or there may be dark rain clouds overhead. What day do you think it is in your drawing of the bridge? You can show us the unique details you add!

Step 6

After drawing your bridge, you can spend it with beautiful colors in this final step! For our sample image, we used bright and striking colors for the bridge design to make this image stand out from the page! If you want your painting to look like this, some art mediums will come in very handy. Acrylic paints can be great for more vibrant colors, but painting the fine details can be tricky if you have a paintbrush with an excellent tip. Instead, you can use colored pens or markers to add those finer details nicely.



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