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How to draw a peacock – step by step

How to draw a peacock – step by step

How to draw a peacock

The Peacock, also called Peacock, is inhabited by a medium-sized bird in tropical rain forests with warm climates. They are particularly known for their distinctive colorful tail feathers, which propagate in a beautiful fan covering the back of the bird and touching the soil from each other. The extreme popularity and the extraordinary beauty of the peaches have made a highly requested drawing tutorial. We have created a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a peacock, summarized in simple and fast steps. Each statement comes with an illustration to be much easier to follow the steps for you.

How to draw a peacock – Let’s start!

Step 1

Start by drawing a perfect circle just in the middle of your paper. Then draw an inclined W shape line to create a resilient texture at the top of the head. Remember to consider when you create brutal contours and sketches with shots. Therefore, you can make sure you delete all the outline lines that you do not need later. It also helps to refine your drawing and stay tidy.

Step 2 – Describe the head and body.

Drag directly under the head, pulling an elongated shape with a narrow top and a wider bottom to produce the body. When properly tightened, the body’s shape must be a very similar appearance vessel.

Step 3 – Next, draw the two legs

Draw thin legs side by side under the body of the peacock. Do not forget to add a foot with three claws at the bottom of each leg. Try to make the legs and feet of peacock as much as possible.

Step 4 – Then, draw the wings.

Apply a curved line, one on each side of a peacock. The curved line should follow the contour of the Peacock, thus creating the appearance of a perfectly stationary one on the sides of its body.

Step 5 – Then pull half of the springs.

Now, it must draw at the time of the most varied physical characteristics of a peacock. What are the sources of your back! It seems particularly beautiful when it has broken down to stipulate at this stage. Drive has an elongated shape with a continuous round bottom at the first spring, which is attached to the back of the Peacock. Then repeat the same steps adjacent up to five sources. It forms the first half of the set of float springs.

Step 6: Now, finish the range of sources.

Draw five sources on the other side. I think you should be aware that everything comes out the same width and length. After finishing this step, ten feathers at the back of the Peacock should now be.

Step 7 – Added motifs on the first five sources

The pattern can be created by simply creating a perverse narrow droplet shape. Drag a smaller shape with a shape similar to the one we just brought now. Then draw a semicircle in the mold. That’s it! You see, the pattern may seem complex, but the drawing is as simple as that! Drag two patterns on each spring: a large on the top and a small down. Only the upper pattern is visible on the springs in the middle, as shown in the illustration.

Step 8 – Next, find details on all feathers

Repeat the previous step and pull the same pattern on each spring. In this step, you should end the models on the ten sources of the peacock.

Step 9 – Now, draw the characteristics of the faces of the peacocks

Peacock drawing

To complete your drawing, pull your eyes and beak from the peacock. Remove yourself by pulling two oval shapes standing in POW down’s face to describe your eyes. Then draw two small circles into each eye. Shadow eyes in all except small circles inside. It adds a dramatic effect and makes his eyes as if he shines!

Draw a shape with a tip edge on the right side and two on the left side to create the beak. Do not forget to add a contour in the beak to refine the shape and create the appearance of a language! Since you have it, you have successfully drawn a nice peacock! Now it’s time for you probably wait for what the colors of the peacock fill! Peacocks usually have iridescent blue bodies, and the sources on their backs are a combination of blue and green metal shades.

However, some unique pieces have pink, purple, and other dynamic pigments. The coloring of a Peace is certainly fun because there is a wide selection of color options from which you can choose. You can dye the peacock using the original colors or custom colors to create a unique peacock. So, we want the colors to be beautiful!

Your Peacock drawing is complete!

If you enjoyed this drawing tutorial, you would surely enjoy our tutorials of other types of birds such as parrot, parrot, and hummingbird. Continue and look at our “How to draw” catalog to explore more fun drawing tutorials like this one. What type of bird do you enjoy drawing then?

Do not forget to show your masterpiece as soon as you have finished the peacock and are coloring yourself! Do not be shy – you have worked hard to create this artwork, so it’s worth it to be shared. Do not worry. We are sure he looks beautiful! We cannot wait to see your impressive pattern of a peacock!

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