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How To Edit Real Estate Images

How To Edit Real Estate Images

One of the common mistakes that the expert real estate photographers are making is the over-editing of the real estate images. Usually, the professional architectural photographers are looking down upon the real estate photographers considering them to be as incapable or as an amateur. This, I believe, had been largely because of the biggest mistakes that have been witness all the time within this world of the real estate property photography, and these are the:

  • Bad post production
  • Bad angles

Actually, you need to do a bit of editing to your photos when making the edition. It is mainly because of the fact that if you are taking your real estate photos try your best level best in getting the ideal shots that you can. Take a really good picture of your real estate images over site will permit you to begin your editing process with the solo image that is ideally lit and a well composed one. As much as you van, avoid using Photoshop for your real estate photos and attempt on keeping the post production in the Light Room.

Here are a few Editing Actions of your Real Estate Photos

  • Add the “touch of sharpness” – a common mistake again that you can observe, (particularly for those that are learning how to be an expert real estate photographer) is merely adding much of all. Through adding sharpening way much during the photo editing process, an image became noisy and will make what could be the high-quality of the real estate photo one low-quality image.
  • Lens Correction – every camera lens had that slight barrel distortion. Although, you have the great lens for your real estate photography, there can still be some cost of barrel distortion. Through the application of lens correction during the real estate image editing, make sure that every line is straight.

These two editing actions can taken in your real estate image editing and obviously, there are some real estate images that will even a bit or more touch up, however, the two actions have been a guarantee. Most of the real estate retouch will depend on whether an image is an exterior photograph or an interior photo.

Photography on the Exterior Real Estate

Things not to do

Do not contrast to do with whatever your client will ask, because it is not a photojournalism – it’s the real estate photo advertising. There are some companies for the real estate photography that will outright refused in doing certain things from most of the moral principles. This does not make any sense because if you are someone who is a professional and who was engage to create amazing photos for your real estate client, then when you take photos for your real estate agents that you will be asked by a realtor to make those minor changes to an image to enhance the image, do not hesitate to do it and give all that you can to that particular image.

Photography on the Interior Real Estate

When you prefer on using flash for your real estate photography, mainly for the interior shots, you need to do little changes to the photos during the real estate photography editing process. And when using the flash for your real estate photography, there are times a particular image need a bit of assistance. There are some of the common retouches that you can do just in order to make the best appearing real estate photos.


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