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How to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

How to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular video content platform and 2nd biggest search engine in the world and this is one of the most visited websites worldwide. Anyone can create and upload their content on YouTube and can get earn money after monetising the channel. But you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in one year to get monetize your YouTube channel. So here we are going to share how to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube.


First of all, describe your niche to your audience and YouTube algorithm. And don’t rush with two too different types of niche in a single channel. You can upload videos with a similar niche or field. And make sure you had already clear to you that what is your content types could be entertaining or informative. 


Your content is the main and best thing on YouTube to help you to get first 1000 subscribers to YouTube. So make unique and best quality content. And don’t try to copy others’ content. Otherwise, you get copyright but copyright claim or maybe copyright strike. And 3 copyright strike within 90 days can destroy your channel in just a few minutes.


Shorts are the most demandable and viral content on YouTube and they can give you help to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. And yes shorts watch time is not eligible to monetize your channel. But you can get the benefits of shorts funds and can earn money. But if you will share shorts so it will give you subscribers so you can get your 4000 watch time within a few times.

Video Quality and Period

Your video quality and duration will also help you to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. So maintain the quality of your video. Don’t share any blur or uninteresting videos with your audience. And also keep in your mind you are not any sensation or viral face. So at the start of your YouTube career try to make a short duration video and give the best of you. Then increase your duration with the time and demand. 


Thumbnail and video title

Your thumbnail should be clear and loud. Don’t use any thumbnails without a goal. Use some attractive pictures or words in your thumbnail. Because your thumbnail is your first impression on YouTube for your new viewers. And also make your title attractive and use some best words in your video title.

playlist, cards, and end screen

So make playlists of all the related videos. So your viewers will not get confused while searching your video also it will make an interest your audience. Use a YouTube card in the middle of your video. Give a suggestion video button in that. And end your video the using end screen, give the next video’s link in that, and also give subscribe button in the last. And ask your viewers to watch your next videos and subscribe to your channel. 

Optimisation and Share 

Optimise your channel with the keywords. Research on keywords and then put these keywords in your channel description, and title and make a teaser for your channel. And also share your content on another platform as well so you can make a value of your content not even on YouTube. And then ask your audience to subscribe to your channel.

Buying options

Buy YouTube subscribers India and get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube within a short duration. And because this is the most powerful method so it will also give you views also. And they are providing the best active and real subscribers so buy YouTube subscribers India and boost your channel


So there is the answer for how to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. And buy YouTube subscribers India with help of Followers India. And keep consistent with new content, define your niche, use shorts, and use attractive thumbnails and titles in the video. And make sure you are up to date with the YouTube policies and community guidelines.


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