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How to measure and cut Decking Boards

How to measure and cut Decking Boards

You may need to trim a section of the board to fit it in while installing your decking. If you’ve never done it before, cutting your decking board may be tough. Learn how to cut your super decking board to size using the appropriate equipment to avoid damaging it while attempting to cut it.

Decking Cutting Tools

Cutting komposittäck boards may be done with a variety of instruments ranging from simple to professional. Self-installation is encouraged. You should, however, avoid employing tools that you are unfamiliar with. For more complicated work, we recommend contacting a specialist.


A circular saw may be used to cut your decking board. Circular saws are ideal for cutting decking because they produce a smooth cut. In addition, if you don’t have a circular saw, you may use a table saw. Under the workbench, the table saw features circular blades, making it safe and easy to use. A mitre saw, on the other hand, may be used to cut your boards. It may be used to make crosscuts on your decking board. You may also cut your decking board using a handsaw. Handsaws are simple to use and effective, particularly for intricate cuts around the stairwell. Before you begin using the blade, make sure it is sharpened to ensure a clean cut. When using any type of saw, though, always take safety measures.


Before cutting your decking board, you’ll need chalk to mark it. The mark will act as a guide to ensure that your decking is cut precisely. You may create your deckings using white chalk. They are less difficult to clean than colored ones.

Measurement tape

A tape measure is an additional tool you’ll need to cut your decking. Before cutting the wood or composite boards, you’ll use the tape to measure and mark them. Before you start cutting the decking, make sure you mark and measure it precisely. A clamp to hold the decking board while cutting is also required, as is a square edge to make a straight line on the decking.

Follow these step for cutting Decking Boards 

Decking Cutting Tools

Make sure you have all of your tools before you begin cutting your trallplankor.

The instructions below will show you how to cut your composite or wood decking as it’s being installed.

Step one: Measure and mark your decking board 

If you wish to trim your decking to size, the first step is to measure the decking. Measure and indicate the length of the board. Make a chalk or pencil mark on the decking board. To produce a straight edge, you must mark your wood decking straight. Draw a straight line across the decking board using a straight edge. Cut your decking after you’ve marked it.

Step two: Cut Your Decking Board

With a circular saw, begin cutting your wood decking. If you don’t have a circular saw, a table saw, miter saw, or hand saw will suffice. Following the chalk outline you made on your decking, begin cutting the boards. Always allow extra length on your decking board when cutting it. You may trim the ends of the deckings with a saw if you cut them an inch longer than the correct size. It is preferable to add an inch to the length of your decking than to undercut it. Begin placing the deckings once you’ve finished cutting them.

Step three: Install Your Decking

You may begin installing your decking planks now that you’ve done cutting them. To secure your decking board, use screws or clips. Place the decking planks side by side until they are completely covered. Then, to make it mix in with the board, cover the board edge.


A circular saw or a hand saw can be used to cut your decking board to size. Measure the board first, then mark it before cutting it with a saw.


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