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How to Migrate Outlook Profile to New Computer?

How to Migrate Outlook Profile to New Computer?

Summary: When you have to migrate Outlook profile to new computer, transferring Outlook data files like.OST or. PST from one machine to another is simple and takes little time. When an Outlook profile is corrupted or removed/disabled from the Exchange Server, things may become complicated fast.

Once an Outlook data file reaches the orphaned state, it can no longer be opened. In this article, we’ll show you how to migrate Outlook profile to new computer.

Emails, contacts, attachments, notes, calendar items, tasks, etc. Stored in Outlook may be transferred to another computer for a variety of reasons. As an example,

  • You have just acquired a new computer and would want to migrate Outlook profile to new computer, which also uses Microsoft Outlook.
  • You have an Outlook account that you use to check your Gmail or Exchange inbox, and now you want to transfer all of the contents of that mailbox to another Outlook, Exchange, or Office 365 account.
  • You have decided that it’s time to make the switch from Windows to Mac and use Outlook.
  • Since there is currently no way to set up automatic backups in Outlook, you’ll need to manually generate backups.

The Outlook Import Export wizard may be used to export your mailbox contents. Everything in your mailbox, including messages, contacts, attachments, etc., is stored as an a.pst file on your computer. Making it easy to migrate Outlook profile to new computer and import everything using Outlook’s Import Export process. Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Server both supports importing PST files.

However, if there is an issue with either your Outlook profile or your Outlook data file (OST or PST), you will not be able to export the mailbox items.

If you have an inaccessible or orphaned OST file for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019, you’ll need to convert it to a PST file before you can copy your data or emails to a new machine.

Pro Solution to Migrate Outlook Profile to New Computer

Users can take PST File converter helps, which is a well-known and highly advanced software in the market. It will automatically load your Outlook profiles and then can change your data into 25+ file formats and web/desktop-based clients like also you can save Outlook PST Files to PDF Format. Also, it provides many highly advanced features and it comes with a free demo version, so users can download and analyze the tool easily.

How to Migrate Outlook Profile to New Computer?

Outlook’s built-in Import and Export wizard allows you to create a backup of your Outlook emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc., to a PST file, provided your Outlook user is active and in sync with the mailbox’s server and local Outlook data file (OST or PST).

How to Migrate Outlook Profile to New Computer?

Follow these instructions to save your email messages in a portable document format (.pst) file using Outlook’s import/export wizard:

  1. In Outlook 2013, 2016, and 2019, choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export to launch the program’s an import/export wizard.
  2. Select Export to a file from the Import and Export Wizard’s File menu, then click Next.
  3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) in the Export to a file box, then click Next.
  4. Choose the mailboxes and mailbox objects you want to export. You should also choose the option to “Include subfolders,” and then click Next.
  5. To choose the file from the location, click the “Browse” option.

Important: If you want to store the PST file anywhere except the computer’s default location. You may connect a USB media or external hard drive and choose it as a safe place. This facilitates to migrate Outlook profile to new computer.

Time to Say Goodbye

It’s true that migrate Outlook profile to new computer is a lot like starting a new chapter in your life. After the first shock wears off and you take stock of the full scope of the devastation, you begin the painstaking process of relocating your belongings to your new home. The migration process is not easy. Only one of these, however, can be resolved at this time. With the help of amazing software, the process of copying your Outlook inbox from one computer to another become easiest.

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