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How to Move the Heavy Furniture by Yourself

How to Move the Heavy Furniture by Yourself

Moving furniture without any professional help is no joke. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while moving furniture and its pieces from one house to the next. There is a big difference between professionals carrying your furniture for you and having to do these physically intensive tasks on your own.

This is a complicated thing to do without the help of professionals. And like every other complicated thing, it can be a lot more doable with the help of a good plan. We still highly recommend hiring professional packers and movers for this type of physically intensive work.

With this in mind, let us now take a look at how to move heavy furniture without the help of professional packers and movers Mumbai to Mangalore.

Assess the Situation

Efficiency is something that comes to mind when moving something as big and heavy as the furniture. Start by taking an inventory of every heavy item that needs to get on the moving truck and make a plan on how these things will fit inside the moving truck. In most cases, heavy items such as the furniture pieces go towards the back side of the truck and around the sides.

Doing this is necessary so that the load inside the truck is well balanced and your belongings are safe. Then we will fill the gap with lighter boxes and smaller pieces of furniture.

Planning things out this way is sure to make the loading process go a lot smoother than it would be otherwise (especially in the absence of packers and movers). As it is possible to rearrange everything inside the truck after ending the loading process but we do not recommend you do so. This is because it takes a lot more time and effort to rearrange this furniture on your truck afterward.

Do not forget your equipment

You may need the help of some equipment to make your DIY move go as smoothly as possible. This is something that you certainly cannot choose to forget during your DIY move. So if you don’t have them, consider purchasing or renting them from your nearest packers and movers.

Here is the equipment that you will need to move the furniture by yourself

  • Moving Straps- Use this equipment to transfer some of the weight off of your back and arms to the rest of your body making the heavy items that are significantly easier to manage. These straps are adjustable so make sure that you fit them around the size of the furniture and your body.
  • Furniture sliders- Furniture sliders are a must-have if you are trying to move heavy furniture on your own. These sliders reduce the friction between the floor and the furniture. This makes it much easier to carry these furniture pieces long distances. This also reduces the risk of damage to your floor area by these heavy furniture pieces.
  • Furniture dollies- Four-wheeled square platform dollies are ideal for your move. Use this equipment to move heavier pieces of furniture to the loading vehicle. Remember to secure the items on the dolly with a rope or strap before moving it. This is because uneven surfaces or jerks can make these items fall off the dolly.

Disassemble the furniture to its tiniest form.

Furniture is generally very big and heavy. The more you can disassemble every item of the furniture the better. You will need to store all the screws bolts and other items that were used in the assembly of the furniture in a labelled box.

Follow the Right Moving Techniques

You are going to slide, push and drag heavy furniture much more than you will have to lift them. This puts little to no stress on the body and makes the entire task of moving a whole lot easier. These items are only helpful on flat surfaces as staircases and the final loading procedure will require you to lift this furniture from the ground.

You have to pay attention to your safety before you lift these objects, so make sure you prepare your body for what comes next.

  • Bend your knees, not your waist-The most important thing to remember while lifting heavy furniture is to carry it with your legs and not your back. To distribute the weight correctly, squat down with your knees instead of bending over. This will put the majority of the weight on your arms and your legs as you squat down and not on your back.
  • Carry items close to your body- Carrying items close to your body instead of away from it will accomplish the following goal. It will make sure that all the weight you have is transferred to the upper arms and shoulders instead of just your forearms.
  • Don’t twist your body while lifting or carrying the heavy furniture- While you are walking around with a heavy piece of furniture, keep your body as still as you can as twisting and other sudden movements can lead to injury. If you need to twist or turn do it with your hips and follow it with your feet.
  • Keep your sight on your destination-This is another pretty important thing to keep in mind as your body tends to go where you look. This means being blinded by anything while going towards some place is not ideal at all while moving. Another thing to keep in mind is always facing forward as you are moving something instead of down.


If you have decided to make your move in the absence of packers and movers, you should know there is a lot of complexity in properly managing a DIY furniture move. It is not easy to execute for any individual as getting help from friends and family is nearly compulsory. With the help of the aforementioned techniques, equipment, and knowledge it is very doable.

We hope that you found this article useful and informative, please take care of yourself and everyone around you by following the government-mandated precautionary measures.

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