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How to Obtain a High Paying Salary as an Oracle Developer?

How to Obtain a High Paying Salary as an Oracle Developer?

Oracle is a popular database management system. It is a prevalently used database created and distributed by Oracle Corporation. It offers a lot of salient features for data structuring, storage, and processing. The beneficial features provide an effective way for grid computing and a cost-effective method of categorizing and structuring information. It only requires basic SQL instructions to get the data from the analysts, which is advantageous. It only requires simple SQL instruction to draw out the data that is needed. Learning the Oracle database would open the doors for you to work in many prestigious organizations.  Since the use of it is literally in each and every company, the job prospects after Oracle Online Training is high and would linearly grow. Solve all the information-related enterprise-level and end-user problems with sophisticated database solutions.

Proceed to the subsequent subsection to evidently understand why Oracle developer is a high-paying job.

Scope of an Oracle Developer

PL/SQL is at the crux of the Oracle database. Therefore, learning Oracle is much more straightforward than other hardcore back-end languages. Moreover, it is a dynamic and high-level language. So, even if there is a lot to learn and go deeper, things are not that complicated to understand and you can learn a lot of concepts quickly. A recent survey also made it clear that by 2024, Oracle will become the most expensive database. Presently, the average salary of an Oracle developer is between ₹7 LPA and ₹8 LPA range. However, with the advent of big data, mastering advanced database language will raise your possibilities of landing a propitious job.

Now, let us look at a few editions of the Oracle database that will suggest the kind of versions that are out there in the market.


The portability and SQL-driven database of Oracle makes it an ideal choice for smaller and bigger enterprises to choose it as their main database software. It can be compatible with nearly all the main platforms like UNIX, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Additionally, there are several other OS platforms that Oracle supports such as AIX, HP-UX, IBM, SunOS, and Solaris. Moreover, there are few editions of Oracle that define the features and function range.

Oracle Lite: It is a compact and elementary version that is built primarily for cellphones. With this, analysts can store and manage information from mobile devices easily and effectively.

Enterprise Edition: It is specifically designed for big corporations and organizations that require intuitive attributes, high security, and a robust interface. It comes embedded with all the important functions to ensure high performance and reliability.

Standard Edition: It is used by many corporations. The only difference between the standard and enterprise edition is that the function range is relatively less in the standard edition. It is useful for those companies that do not require such a high-security and long list of features for analysis.

Express Edition (XE): For analysts that only work with Windows and Linux Operating Systems, they can opt to use the Express Edition of Oracle. It is compact and does the data processing efficiently for general and specific purpose applications.

Personal Edition: The feature list and function range of a Personal edition of the Oracle database is comparable to that of an Enterprise edition. The only difference is the absence of a few key things like Oracle RAC One Node and Real Application Cluster options.

Proceed to the last section where you will learn about certain skillsets that you would need to master to land your job in the database industry.

How to Get a High-Paying Job as an Oracle Developer?

According to various job sites, the salaries of Oracle developer is in the higher range in India. There are some developers who earn ₹18LPA and some even earn as high as ₹39LPA. Everything depends on the skills of a professional and the ability to learn things quickly and smartly. In particular, there are a few key skills that differentiate between a moderate and advanced Oracle developer. If you want to enter the advanced category, take a closer look at the pointers below:

Data Structures and Algorithms

If you master the skill of understanding and developing data structures, your problem-solving and analytical skills will improve. The unique blend of crucial soft skills and knowledge data structures aids developers in developing utility algorithms to provide solutions to the relevant problems. When you would attend the interviews, you would find that a lot of questions would pertinent to the data structures. Thus, professionals should study and prudently refine their understanding of data structures and subsequently develop their coding skills.

Text Editors

Now, this may seem rudimentary, but if you know your way around the text editors better than most, then you would massively decrease your coding time. You should know all the error codes and how to navigate through the codes quickly to identify the bugs. Some of the programming languages like Python have their own IDEs, but others have to rely on text editors. Thus, it is worthwhile to perfect applications like Brackets, Notepad++, Sublime, etc.


It is an abbreviation for the term Integrated Development Environment. If you are not using text editors, then it is the most perfect place to script your code. Here, you can not only write your code but you can also run the code to see if you are getting the expected output. IDEs allow you to compile, debug and run your codes. It is a sophisticated solution to develop programs quickly and also check whether they are solving the problem or not. Different scripting languages have different IDEs. For Python programs, most developers prefer to use Jupyter, PyCharm, and Spyder. Now, while programming with C and C++ scripting languages, Visual Studio seems to be the most appropriate option.


Oracle is a ubiquitous database utility software that many enterprises and end-users use all around the world. Salient features, multiple editions, easy-to-use interface, centralization, and large function range are some of the reasons why it is so prevalent in use. A lot of companies favor it for security and convenience reasons and that has created a lot of demand in the IT sector. For robust database solutions, go for enhanced data structured methods and prefer Oracle Training Institute in Delhi and transcend their data processing methods. It is a one-time solution for solving all of your information-related problems.


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