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How to Open BKF Files in Windows 11, 10, and Other All Lower Versions?

How to Open BKF Files in Windows 11, 10, and Other All Lower Versions?

If you want to safeguard your data as completely as you can from potential hazards, regular data backups are a crucial need. Then, you’ll be able to access everything from your backup whenever you need it. Because of this, let’s first define a BKF file before discussing how to open one. Then, we’ll go on to “How to open BKF files in Windows 11.”

What are BKF Files?

The NT version of Windows, which includes Windows XP, uses it as a file format for backup files. The NTBackup application was a built-in feature of the operating system up till Windows XP. As a consequence, it was easy to backup and restore the data using the same program. The backup file is created using the BKF file format.

Is Windows NTBackup Utility Compatible with Windows 10, 11?

The executable file for NTBackup, along with a few supporting files, are required in order for the program to run. because Windows 10, and 11 don’t support this program. Therefore, downloading the file from the Internet is all that is required to get it. This RAR bundle contains one executable file and two .dll files.

What Should I Keep in Mind Before Viewing BKF Files on Windows 11?

  1. After installing nt5backup, keep in mind that Windows 10 just need the executable file, ntbackup.exe, to open BKF files in Windows 11. The .exe file may be relocated, but the .dll files for (ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll) must stay in their original locations. In any other scenario, you wouldn’t be able to utilize this ntbackup.exe file. supporting files with the.dll extension for ntbackup.exe. The job cannot be completed unless all three files are located in locations that are similar.
  2. You shouldn’t restore the data to its original spot to avoid overwriting already-existing files. The restored data might then be moved to a better place.

Open BKF Files in Windows 11 by Using the Automatic Software

The preceding method may fail to work under certain conditions. So, if you’re having trouble to open BKF files in Windows 11, try downloading a free program like 4n6 BKF Repair Tool. Accessing and Extracting BKF files is made easy with this user-friendly program. It has a very complex algorithm that allows you to do searches inside the retrieved data.

How to Use BKF File Opener Software?

  1. Download the BKF File opener software and then install it
  2. After that, click on the open button and then upload the .bkf file
  3. Thereafter hit the Action tab and then select the Extract option
  4. Finally, select the desired location path and then click the save button

Read BKF Files in Windows by Using the NTBackup utility

After a successful installation of file, the three files will take on the following appearances:

  1. Double-click .exe to launch it now. When you try to recover the data on the tape, a popup will appear informing you that you will not be successful. You must choose the OK option.
  2. Overlay text reading “Advanced Mode” will show up. Select the Next button when prompted to continue.
  3. The Restore and Manage Media buttons may be accessed by switching to the tab view.
  4. A window will then appear, requesting a location to store the fixed file.
  5. Rather than overwriting the original, store the recovered file somewhere else.
  6. After that, choose a file to save by clicking Tools followed by Catalog a backup file. Pick a file to download a duplicate of.
  7. If you click the Start button, you’ll be able to access a Restore option. This tool’s greatest strength is its ability to recover just the data you choose.
  8. If a caution box pops up, click the OK button to close it.
  9. An independent window will open with the message Finished with Skipped Files. The loss of any data is completely unwarranted, since it may be restored in full.
  10. Select Tools, and then use the Switch to Wizard Mode button to go back to the wizard.

Limitations of Manual Methods

The aforementioned strategy fails in a number of situations, including but not limited to the following:

  • The backup must be stored locally on the system, rather than on tape, for this to work.
  • It’s possible that some people won’t be able to handle the time commitment involved in this strategy.
  • If the BKF file is corrupted in any way, this approach will not work.


Learn how to open BKF files in Windows 11 with these detailed instructions. I have given you the most effective current options, which include both automated and manual methods. You must now choose which of these choices will best serve your needs. I hope this is of use to you.

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