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How to Pack Household Items for Moving like a Pro

How to Pack Household Items for Moving like a Pro

Moving from one house to another; be it within the city or intercity, is a massive switch in your life. It is a panic-stricken process no matter if you are moving by yourself or along with your family. You aspire to have an exciting life and lifestyle in the new place you move to. But even if you focus on the positivity of the moving process, you still can’t get the anxiety of the home relocation to escape your mind.

You need to prepare yourself in advance to execute the moving process in a sorted manner. You need to take essential measures and carry out some practical tasks for a successful move. Combine your organizational skills, decisive skills, and executive skills to make a home relocation process unperturbed.

It is a common practice to hire a packers and movers Bangalore to Delhi company to assist you in the home relocation process and make it much more effortless. You also need to have a sufficient budget to hire a moving company for the shifting process. Sometimes, you may face a budget constraint, or sometimes you may not get the availability of dates; especially during the summers, which is the peak season in the packers and movers industry.

So, what do you do under such circumstances? You trust your capabilities and do it yourself. Yes, which is how DIY comes into existence. DIY makes you push your limits gradually and surpass your potential to build a better version of yourself.

Here are some of the tips and tricks in the following pointers that would help you out in your DIY moving process:

Create an inventory

Create an inventory or a checklist to make the entire moving process organized and this will ensure that you do not miss out to pack or carry things that you need to move. Additionally, you will be able to calculate the total number of boxes and the total moving cost as you create an inventory, making DIY moving process a sorted affair.

De-clutter the mess

As you create the inventory, you will be aware of the things that are essential to you and those that are not. Steer clear of all the unessential commodities lying around in the house without a purpose.

You can choose to sell, donate or dump the unnecessary things. If you have old furniture or appliances that you would like to replace with new ones, you should consider selling them.

If you have stuff like old books, toys, clothes, and shoes that you don’t need any more, donate them to an NGO or orphanage. Discard the remaining stuff that is broken and damaged. Fewer belongings will cause you less struggle of packing them individually in the process of DIY home relocation.

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Keep the valuable possessions aside

DIY house shifting is a very elaborate process that often goes haphazard. You may start losing your patience when you won’t be able to find the valuable things in their regular places. You should keep aside all the valuable possessions from the rest. This part of the procedure should be done at the beginning of the DIY packing.

 Some of the valuable possessions that you should keep safe are your precious pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, mobile phones, laptops, personal, legal, and financial documents, and identity proofs. Keep them together in a distinct bag under your close watch.

This will ensure that your things are safe together and will not get mixed up with the rest of your belongings. While moving, carry the bag in your vehicle and unload it first, keeping it safe inside the locker of your cupboard in the new house.

Set a reminder to assign a packing hour

DIY house shifting is an intricate procedure and you are the solo dancer in a troupe who has to complete the performance with poise and ease. Hence, preparation is the prime factor in DIY packing. You should start packing much ahead of time.

Start packing at least a month before the day of your move. Set a reminder on a daily basis to assign an hour for packing. This will let you continue with your packing alongside the unavoidable daily chores. This is a simple hack to go slow and steady about organizing the stuff without losing your composure.

Get good quality packing supplies

If you are planning to do DIY house shifting, you cannot compromise on the quality of packing supplies. Use good quality boxes and cartons for packing your possessions if you don’t want them to get conked out or tampered. Don’t use second-hand packing boxes or grocery store boxes to save a few extra bucks.

They have a high chance of falling apart as soon as you try to carry them to the moving company vehicle. Old packing boxes get infested with bugs and termites which may ruin your belongings if you use them as packing supplies.

Pack an overnight box

An overnight box is a package that holds all your essential stuff for the very next day in your new home after the move. It is the first box you should pack and also the first box that you should unpack after the move.

An overnight box should have – a dental kit, a fresh set of clothes and undergarments, towels, minimal clean bedding, toiletries, disposable plates, cutlery, etc. These things will help you get through the first day of your stay in your new home.

Label the packing boxes

You will have numerous boxes to pack and move to the new address. All the boxes look identical from the outside. You might get confused about which box contains what commodities. The easiest way to stay sorted is to label the boxes from outside.

Write the names of the rooms the commodities belong to. You can also choose to use masking tapes of variant colours to segregate the boxes by giving each room its specific colour. This measure will save you a lot of fuss in your DIY house shifting.

Do not over-pack

Overdoing anything is bad. It goes the same with your DIY packing procedure. Don’t vehemently plop a lot of things in each packing box or there is a high chance of your box breaking apart. Likewise, packing more than enough items in each box will raise their weight much more than you can carry at a go.

Use boxes of fitting size

Using the right sized boxes plays an important role in DIY packing. You should use small boxes to carry heavy commodities and big boxes to carry lighter commodities. In this way, there will be an even distribution of load and you can easily manage to carry them to the moving vehicle.

Fill in the gaps

Don’t leave any gaps or vacuum inside the boxes while packing. Use bits of cloth, foam, or old newspaper to stuff in the gaps. This will prevent your commodities from breaking or spilling.

Cushion up the breakable items

For packing fragile and breakable items like glass-wares and crockery, wrap them up with layers of leftover newspapers or use chunks of Styrofoam to prevent them from breaking.

Re-purpose household items

In course of DIY packing, repurpose your suitcases, luggage bags, laundry baskets, trash-cans, and hampers. They have a good holding capacity and can accommodate a lot of your belongings.

Don’t pair these together

Shoes, gloves, and socks come as befitting pairs. But ever heard of a pair that causes impair? While packing for your DIY move, don’t pair up the wrong items together as they can be a total disaster. Don’t pack your clothes together with paints or oil. Don’t pack fragile items with metals. Combustible items with the supporters of combustion.

Your Call After All

DIY activities are an excellent way to upgrade your potential to the next level. DIY house shifting is a herculean activity that needs managerial, decisive, and executive qualities from your end to meet up with a successful completion.

If you follow the aforementioned guidelines, you can carry out this complicated procedure all by yourself with ease and without a shadow of a doubt. So fellas, take DIY for DIY; take “delight in yourself” for “doing it yourself”!

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