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How to Recover Deleted Videos from Hard Drive?

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Hard Drive?

Are you looking for a solution to recover deleted videos from the hard drive? So, you are at the right place. This article will guide you in the right way to solace your problem.

User’s Query,
Recently I attend a marriage and there we took lots of photos and also made videos from the smartphone and after that, we saved all the videos on the hard drive but unfortunately, we lost all our videos from the hard drive and I’m not able to recover it. Can anyone please suggest to me how to recover deleted videos from the hard drive?

Manual Solution to Recover Deleted Videos from the Hard Drive

In this section, we will see the solution, we will check out three solid fixes that will help you to recover the deleted videos from the hard drive. Don’t be sad if a particular fix doesn’t work for you, just look at the next one. Now check out all four fixes one by one.

Solution One: Check the Recycle Bin

You rarely check out recycle bin option daily, but it can help you to find deleted videos from the hard drive. If your files are not permanently deleted from the recycle bin so, the first thing you should do to check the recycle bin. It’s simple to open the recycle bin option and search for your files or videos that were deleted from the hard drive. When you find them, just select them all and click on the restore button. That’s all your files are received and safe.

Click Here

Solution Two: Restore Videos from the Previous Hard Drive Location

Windows have valuable features that many of us are not aware of. One of the stunning features is the ability to restore an individual folder to its previous location. This feature is helpful to restore deleted videos or files from hard drives.

Step 1: Spot the folder from which files were deleted. First right – click on the folder and click on the “ Restore previous versions” option from the menu.

Step 2: From the available list of previous versions that now show up on your screen. Select the one before you deleted the videos and select it.

Step 3: Bring back the folder by clicking on the restore button and pressing OK. Yours is restored now to an old version.

If this successfully solves your query of how to recover deleted videos from the hard drive, then good, if not, just look over the next fix means fix number 3.

Solution Three: Recover Deleted Files from the Backup

Backup your data in a short period is a good habit and protect you in countless situations like these. If you are those people who regularly back up their data, so good, congrats because the process to recover your deleted videos from the hard drive becomes easier for you.

Back-ups are little bit different forms. It can be local or cloud-based. You can find a local backup in the form of external drives which can be plugged into the desktop to recover deleted videos from the hard drive. On another side, you can also you windows backup to bring back the deleted videos. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the “Control Panel” on your desktop and proceed to the “System Security” options. In this System and Security option choose “Backup and Restore”.
Step2: In this option “Backup and Restore” window, select the “Restore my Files” option.
Step 3: The backup you created is shown in this step. You can select a particular backup or you can pick a folder or file that you want to recover.

These are some fixes to recover deleted videos from the hard drive.

Hard Drive Recovery Software of Third-Party

If none of the above methods solves your query of how to recover deleted videos from a hard drive, now it’s time to move toward the professional method. The professional method is Data Recovery Software. It is the software also recommended by the experts. So, without any delay let’s check how to recover deleted videos from the hard drive with the help of Data Recovery Software.

Main Point: It is software that recovers up to 5GB of free data from your desktop.

Steps of Data Recovery Software to Recover deleted Videos from Hard Drive:

Step 1:
First, download the tool the software will open on your first screen. After this, the software will give you five recovery modes to recover deleted videos from the hard drive. Select one recovery mode.
Step 2:
After choosing the recover mode option the tool shows you all disk information.
Step 3:
Selecting any drive and tool will show you the full information about the drive on the software panel.
Step 4:
In this step, the software does a deep analysis of the drive.
Step 5:
The full data appear on the software screen, select the data will you format or recover. You can view selected data information.
Step 6:
You can choose all data if you want.
Step 7:
Here, press the advance search option and fill in all the blanks accordingly.

For more steps, you can click on the link that adds to this article. It will properly guide you.


Providing you with a proper solution on how to recover deleted videos from the hard drive is not an easy task but we tried our best. From this article, we tried to guide you in both ways to recover your lost videos. In the starting, we mention the manual method. If this method will not work for you we also mention third-party software that as Data Recovery Software. It is free data recovery software. Just sit back and relax and let the software do its magic.


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