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How to Recover/Open BKF Files via BKF Recovery Tool

How to Recover/Open BKF Files via BKF Recovery Tool

It is crucial to take data backup because even a small error can entirely erase all of your hard work. Windows NTBackup, included with Windows XP and other NT-series operating systems, is a priceless utility that can perform remarkable feats. This utility helps to create a backup of multiple files into a single .bkf file, which the user can restore the data from it. However, there are numerous scenarios which the user needs to face, like corruption in BKF files. In these circumstances, the user should look at the ways through which they can open BKF files using different repair solutions. This technical article will address the situation that will corrupt the BKF files and the solution to repair the file.

What Causes Corruption in BKF Files? 

Various data security and protection solutions have emerged in light of its significance and rapid spread. One of the most common precautions individuals take is creating backup files, which may use to restore lost data in the event of a disaster. However, this post focuses on the threats to your .bkf backup files. We have prepared a list of some of them which may also happen with your BKF files:

  • Your system may be at risk due to the virus or malicious software. Due to this, along with the various other files in the system, the BKF files can also be corrupted.
  • If you make an improper shutdown of your PC or laptop, there are changes that the BKF files are running in the background. This may also affect the Windows BKF files, and there is more probability that your BKF file will face corruption.
  • Failure of the system hard disk is one of the major culprits behind data loss. However, there are reasons that will make this happen, including the system overheating and power outages.

If your BKF file hits with corruption due to the above-explained situations or other reasons, you need to focus on the methods to repair them. Moreover, we will also make you aware of the methods to open BKF files which will constitute both manual and professional ways.

How to Recover the BKF files in Windows 7, 8, and 10:

In order to open and edit BKF files, NTbackup is required. If you’re using Windows 10 or later and wish to open a BKF file, you’ll need to download and install the NTBackup program. Due to the nature of the program, it requires the presence of specific system files.

We recommend that you keep the NTBackup software and its entire associated executable and support files in the same folder. We have described the procedure to recover BKF files. You only need to start following them to repair the .bkf.

  • The first step is to launch the ntbackup.exe.
  • After that, you need to click Ok on the pop-up showing Removable Storage not running.
  • Use the “Browse” option to pick an existing BKF file for import.
  • Click the Next button after checking the “Restore files and Settings box.”
  • A window called the Backup and Restore Wizard will open. To proceed, click the Next button.
  • Select the BKF file you wish to import from your computer’s storage, and then hit the OK button. It will display your files on the left side of the tab.
  • You can see BKF files and extract their contents in the right pane. However, finding a certain file in the system becomes challenging.

After following the above method correctly, the user can able to repair their corrupted BKF However, if the above procedure is not followed correctly to open BKF file or without the guidance of a technical expert; it may result in a failure.

In addition, there are multiple disadvantages associated with the manual methods. Some of them would be not capable of repairing severely corrupted BKF files, a time-consuming process, and much more. So the user should also focus on the alternative solution to deal with this problem.

Faster Solution to repair severely corrupted BKF files:

Due to multiple downsides of the manual solution to repair the corrupted bkf file, the role of the third-party professional tool has risen. Shoviv BKF Recovery tool is one of the most advanced utilities designed to deal with the corruption of the BKF files. This solution efficiently recovers BKF files of Windows backup, Symantec backup, etc. Furthermore, the user can repair multiple BKF files of any size.

The software makes it significantly easier to repair the Windows BKF files for novice users because of its convenient user interface. After recovering the file, the tool also provides a preview of all recovered files in a tree-like structure. It helps ensure the data integrity and folder hierarchy of the recovered data.


This article lists the practices used to deal with corruption in the BKF file. Since not all users will find it comfortable to open the BKF files through the manual solution, looking towards a third-party tool creates sense. In this blog, we have explained one such solution, ensuring that non-technical users will also conduct the repair task efficiently.

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