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How to Select the Right House Number Size for the Mailbox?

How to Select the Right House Number Size for the Mailbox?

Have you ever had a delivery go wrong because the courier couldn’t find your house? Does the city mandate that you post your home number for easier identification? If so, don’t worry! This guide will help you choose the right size and substance so that your house numbers improve the curb appeal of your home. You’ll also discover how to position home numbers so that neighbors can see them from a distance.

What Is the Right Height for a Mailbox?

The custom mailbox number‘s visibility depends on the mailbox’s height. Height restrictions apply to mailboxes.

From the roadway to the bottom of your mailbox door,

  • There must be a height difference of 41 to 45 inches.
  • When closed, your mailbox door needs to be between 6 and 8 inches from the curb.
  • Your mailbox must be positioned on the right side of the road, facing outside.

Where Can You Place the Custom Mailbox Number?

Either beneath the flag on your mailbox or to its right should be the location of your mailbox number. Your mailbox flag should ideally not obscure your phone number.

At the very least, your mailbox’s flag should display the number of the mailbox. Ideally, your mailbox will contain your number on both the front and the back.

The home or unit number should be prominently displayed on the front or lid of house-mounted mailboxes.

Custom Mailbox Number

Size of the Number on the Mailbox

Mailbox numbers must be at least one inch tall. When there is enough room in your inbox, it is advised to use a number that is larger than 1.

It’s difficult to avoid wondering how your new neighbors get their mail when you move into a neighborhood with new neighbors. You don’t have to break any laws or get dirty to find out who lives next door, though, so don’t worry.

Any resident in the same area may utilize mailbox labels as long as they reside at least one mile away from the person whose mailbox number they are attempting to locate.

If you need to locate someone’s phone number in a different state, follow these instructions as well. It’s simple enough, though occasionally confusing—like most things involving the postal service.

Maintenance of the Mailbox

Mailboxes sustain significant damage. To keep your mailbox functioning and appealing, inspect it each season.

  • Check for rust, missing screws, and wobbly hinges.
  • Any damaged components must be repaired or replaced.
  • Update or change the addresses.

Font and Boldness of the Mailbox House Number

Different typefaces have different bold designs. This is crucial for improving readability from the street and affects the font size. If you use a font like that, it appears big and bold.

Is Color Impacting the Visibility of Custom Mailbox Numbers?

Yes, color plays an important role in the visibility of mailbox numbers. The color of the house number should contrast with the surface you are mounting to, according to the rule.

For example, if the color of the mounting surface is grey, the black color number will provide contrast and help it stand out.


Ultimately, the size of the house numbers you choose should strike a balance between keeping your house unique and easily identifiable. There are endless ways to customize the look of your home, but it is important to keep in mind that house numbers give your address a professional appearance on letterheads, envelopes, and greeting cards. The last thing you want is for your friends to get mail from the wrong house because they didn’t know which one was yours.


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