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How To Take Care Of Your Superwash Yarn

How To Take Care Of Your Superwash Yarn

Superwash wool is a genius contribution made by technology to the wool world. It solves all the issues wool users have with original wool. If you think sheep wool is itchy, sticky, and hard to wash, you have Superwash wool as a solution. 


This yarn is a processed, perhaps more refined (some would disagree), type of wool that you can wash in a machine. This wool is processed in Chlorine and covered in a soft plastic-like material. Also, all the misconceptions you have heard about this wool being toxic are false! 


The process is super-safe and makes the wool easy to wash in a machine. However, many people, even professionals in custom knitting services, are terrified of washing the superwash in a machine! 


You also might fear it can ‘feel’ your wool. To clear such doubts and misunderstandings, give a read to our Superwash wool guide! 


Specialties Of SuperWash Wools


Some doubt the durability of Superwash wools because the use of chemicals steals their ‘purity.’ However, there are more pros than cons. Superwash yarn is smoother and shinier than non-superwash. The reason is the layer applied to it during the process. 


It also has a good drape ability, so your sweaters will have a better and more refined look! You can dye this yarn without worry, and it takes the color as saturated as you want it to be. You can also stretch this fabric nicely, so we recommend making baby clothes with it! 


How To Take Care Of Your Superwash Wool – The Do’s And Don’ts


You should keep many things in mind when dealing with superwash wool. The most important one is it’s not regular wool. Let’s dive deep into the do-don’t section! 


  • Hand-Dye: The Superwash wool has to be played by some rules. You can hand dye these since they’re excellent at absorbing color. Even the custom knitting services prefer superwash wool when looking to dye colors or someone’s choice.  But take care that the temperature has to be ideal in this matter. However, many believe that temperature isn’t a thing to worry about when dealing with superwash yarn, better safe than sorry!


  • Water Usage: Water blocks the fibers of the wool. However, that doesn’t mean ‘too much water’ harms or felts the yarn. You can check the overall quality of your superwash yarn by hand wet-blocking it.  You can also use as much water as possible to wash the cloth effectively. Make sure to add adequate soap, but not more than needed since that can.


  • Knitting: Now, when knitting superwash wool, you have to be extra careful. Since superwash wool is smooth and slightly silky, it might slip while you knit! You must use a wooden knit or a plastic one to work effectively. Otherwise, most likely, you’re going to end up with an improperly knitted piece that doesn’t even fit. 


An Honest Comparison! 


If you’re still confused about whether to buy superwash wool or stick with the traditional non-superwash, let us help you! Although knitting is a little teasy with superwash yarn, it has no major cons. Many argue that this kind of wool is not durable and long-lasting. However, here at God’s Handmade Crafts, we assure you of quality that lasts long enough. 


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