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Internet Service Providers in Rochester, NY

Internet Service Providers in Rochester, NY

If you have relocated to Rochester or have been in this city for a long time, internet connectivity is one of the significant necessities. Therefore, you should know the available ISPs to subscribe to the best option.

A reliable internet connection can make all the difference whether you are a student or a professional working from home. Rochester is the third-largest city in New York State and is a popular destination for immigrants. It is also a hub of medical and technological developments. Hence many internet providers operate in this city to keep the residents connected and promote productivity and growth.

Internet Service in Rochester

The internet infrastructure in Rochester is not that developed compared to New York City. Various internet providers offer their services in this Flower City. However, the service options vary depending on your location. The three most prominent providers in Rochester are Frontier, Spectrum, and HughesNet. 

Frontier’s DSL internet service covers 99.1% of the city, and Spectrum is another widely available option. However, fiber internet has limited coverage as it is available to less than 30% of residents who can access high-speed internet from EarthLink, Frontier, and local fiber internet providers like Greenlight Networks and Empire Access. On the other hand, NYSYS airAccess and Ultra Home Internet provide fixed wireless internet connectivity. Overall, Rochester has some decent internet options. 

Best Internet Service Providers in Rochester, NY

Internet Service Provider

Service Type Maximum Speed
Frontier DSL/Fiber 940 Mbps
Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps
HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps
EarthLink DSL/Fiber Up to 1000 Mbps


Frontier: Best Coverage

Frontier internet is one of the most widely available providers in this city, but the plans offered in your area may vary. It mainly delivers DSL internet services in Rochester and provides limited fiber services. You may also access fixed wireless internet service in the Rochester metro area.

Frontier offers TV and DSL internet services to approximately 424,000 throughout the city, with internet speeds up to 115 Mbps. It provides various internet plans with upfront pricing and no data caps or contracts. In addition, its different special offers and eligible Autopay discounts also help to lower the internet pricing for customers. If available in your location, Frontier fiber internet can let you access speed up to 940 Mbps. However, we recommend calling their customer service to inquire about the available internet speeds in your area.

Price Range: $37.99 – $149.99 per month

Speed Range: 9 Mbps – 2000 Mbps

Perks: no contracts or data caps, special offers, and Autopay discount

Spectrum: Best Cable Internet

Spectrum Internet is the best option considering the limited fiber internet availability. It has one of the broadest coverage areas in Rochester, offering its services to 100% of the city. Spectrum deals include three simple internet plans at affordable pricing. The prices are easy to understand, and it also supplies clear information about standard costs once the promotional period ends.

In addition, it doesn’t enforce contracts or data caps and provides a free modem and Security Suite with its internet plans. You can also bundle its services to enjoy unlimited calls and HD TV shows or movies at economical prices.

Price Range: $49.99 – $109.99/month 

Speed Range: 200 Mbps – 940 Mbps

Perks: no data caps, no contracts, free modem, and Security Suite

HughesNet: Best Satellite Internet

HughesNet is the best option for people with limited or no internet options as it provides a consistent internet speed with 100% coverage. Unlike other providers, it has designed its plans according to the amount of data instead of internet speed. You get the same constant 25 Mbps with its plans.

Since HughesNet enforces data caps, you may face throttled internet speeds after exceeding your data limit. However, it offers relief to its subscribers by providing an additional 50 GB of data regardless of their chosen plan. You can use this data between 2 am to 8 am. It also allows you to buy extra data in the form of Tokens.

Price Range: $59.99 – $149.99/month

Data Caps Range: 10 GB – 50 GB

Perks: Bonus Zone, consistent speed 

EarthLink: Best Option for Gaming

EarthLink is also one of the prominent providers in Rochester. It offers DSL and fiber internet services in this city. Although its prices are high, it is known for its reliable customer service. It proposes a wide variety of download speeds, but it is difficult to get a clear idea about its pricing and internet speeds since they change depending on your location. This is due to the unique way EarthLink provides its services. It partners with other ISPs to keep the people connected.

EarthLink acts like your representative while working with other ISPs, and doesn’t offer promotional prices. Hence, you don’t have to worry about price hikes and your monthly internet bill. In addition, it offers unlimited data but unfortunately enforces a 12-month contract. It also doesn’t provide its equipment and instead borrows the equipment of its partners. However, its monthly rental fee is lower than others. EarthLink is a good internet option, and its high prices are justified.

Price Range: $49.94 – $99.95 per month

Speed Range: 3 Mbps – 5000 Mbps

Perks: Unlimited data, a suite of security products, and excellent customer service

Final Words

The Internet plays a significant role in our lives. Nearly every individual uses it to conduct their day-to-day operations, including mundane tasks like browsing the web to business operations. Hence, there has been a boom in the market for reliable and high-speed broadband connections. If you are not sure about how to get the best internet deals in Rochester, these tips will help you make the right decision.

Rochester is not one of the best-connected cities in the US. However, it does have some principal ISPs operating to keep the residents connected. While DSL, cable, and satellite are familiar options, you can find fiber internet in the metro areas. A brief knowledge of the available providers can help you understand your options better. Therefore, we have assembled a list of the best internet providers in Rochester based on their coverage, reviews, plans, pricing, and speeds.





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