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Is Bose Lifestyle 650 Speakers Wireless?

Is Bose Lifestyle 650 Speakers Wireless?

The Bose Lifestyle 650 speakers is a great speaker that is worth investing on. It is a Bluetooth enabled speaker that comes with an amazing sound quality and wireless connectivity. This speaker is designed to provide a wonderful audio experience while you are on the go.

Is Bose Lifestyle 650 Speakers Wireless?

Yes, it is true, it is a wireless speaker that does not need any wire to connect to the smartphone. In case you don’t have a wireless connection and you want to connect the speaker to your smartphone then you can connect the speaker with a cable.

If you are wondering whether it is worth investing on the Bose Lifestyle 650 speaker then you should read this review and I am sure that you will agree with me.

Design And Appearance

It is a compact and stylish speaker that looks quite appealing. The speaker is made of aluminum and the design is pretty cool. The speaker is very lightweight and you will hardly feel any weight when you are carrying it around.

Sound Quality

The speaker offers a rich and powerful sound that will make you forget that you are using a speaker. You will get high-quality audio experience in the speaker that will make you want to listen to music all day. The sound quality is great and you will get the bass that will make you feel like you are listening to music from a high-end audio system.

Easy To Use

The speaker is really easy to operate and you can use it without any trouble. The speaker is simple to set up and you will be able to connect the speaker with the smartphone within few seconds. Speaker is very easy to carry and it is light in weight that will make you want to carry it around.

Price And Availability

The Bose Lifestyle 650 speaker is available on Amazon for $149.99. The price is quite reasonable and you will not have to compromise with the sound quality and the design of the speaker.

Does Bose Lifestyle 650 Play Dvds?

Yes, it does play dvds and this is one of the most important features that people look for while buying a portable DVD player. This is one of the best DVD players that I have used for a very long time and I am sure that you will also like it.

What Is The Best Feature Of This Device?

This device has amazing sound quality and it is very easy to use. I have used this device for a long time and I don’t remember hearing any noise. I think this is one of the best DVD players to buy.

Are There Any Cons Of This Device?

There are no cons of this device, but there is a little issue that you will face. It is the battery life. The battery life is not good enough for long time use.


If you are looking for a speaker that will provide you a rich and powerful audio experience then you should invest on the Bose Lifestyle 650 speakers.

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