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Is NAS storage a good storage solution for large enterprises?

Is NAS storage a good storage solution for large enterprises?

One of the most common challenges faced by large enterprise organizations is storage. Large enterprise organizations work with terabytes of data daily. As a result, they have to decide the type of data they should store, where they should keep it and how to access it. Today, most companies use NAS storage for their storage needs. But Is NAS storage a good storage solution for large enterprises? This article will go over some of the benefits of enterprise NAS storage for large enterprises and how it can be an all-encompassing storage solution.

NAS storage is perfect for Enterprise IT Environments

Traditional scattered storage is cumbersome, expensive and does not offer the flexibility needed for giant enterprises. The best NAS systems provide far more significant benefits than conventional solutions. From automated backups to bandwidth control to full cloud integration – the list goes on.

Here is why NAS storage is best suited to large enterprises:

1. Lower acquisition costs

NAS storage can prove to be an efficient and cost-effective solution. With an enterprise NAS, you typically pay only for the amount of storage you use, so there is less to be sunk into upfront costs. However, there are overheads for extra features like replication, deduplication etc. StoneFly is, however, providing these features by default and at a fraction of the cost. So if you are interested, do check them out.

2. Ease of use

Network attached storage is used in environments where multiple users need access to a shared pool of storage. With such kind of storage infrastructure, the storage and management of information are straightforward.

Another benefit is that NAS devices provide centralized control. This means administrators can more easily manage data according to corporate policies.

3. High data availability

The best NAS systems are designed for high data availability. In most cases, the storage itself is built redundantly, where multiple drive components work together. This dramatically simplifies disaster recovery as well.

4. Better scalability and agility

With NAS storage, you can quickly scale your storage on-demand, without reconfiguration. You can also move your data between network-connected and standalone storage devices as needed.

5. Highly Improved manageability

With NAS, you have more control over your storage. You can manage your devices by logging into a NAS operating system like StoneFly’s StoneFusion OS. Some OSes have web-based interfaces so that you can utilize those tools from any device. Out-of-the-box management tools from NAS storage vendors can also simplify storage management.

6. Support for multiple file-level protocols

NAS storage appliances are perfect for large enterprises because they support file-level protocols such as NFS and SMB that various applications can use. These protocols make it easy to share files among users, so an IT department deploying a NAS array can quickly deploy it across an enterprise.

Bottom Line

NAS devices provide a high level of security and use authentication, encryption and centralized management to provide a high level of protection.

NAS devices are also easy to maintain. They are also more cost-effective than individual drives, which is one of the biggest reasons they are more feasible for enterprises than scattered storage options.

Cloud storage is also an excellent option for businesses that want quick access to their data without paying for expensive storage infrastructure.

But cloud storage isn’t for everyone. Some large enterprises need more flexible on-premises storage options which is why NAS storage is the best option for them.


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