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Is There Any Possibility to Get Child Visa Dubai for My Stepchild?

Is There Any Possibility to Get Child Visa Dubai for My Stepchild?

Are you a parent and want to sponsor your stepchild? Then the answer is a big yes. You need to know about the documents and medical exams you need to get a step child visa Dubai. You can also find out what is required to sponsor a Child in Dubai. Let us look at the further requirements:


Sponsoring a Stepchild in UAE

While a father can sponsor a son, a daughter cannot. Only an expatriate who is not married can sponsor a stepchild. The sponsoring parents must meet specific requirements in order to be eligible for the Child Visa Dubai. A son must be under the age of 18 to qualify for sponsorship, and a daughter must be under the age of 21. Similarly, both parents are employed in a relevant job and fall within a certain salary bracket. In Dubai, this amount is AED 20,000. In addition, the sponsoring parent must have a two-bedroom flat and a medical insurance policy for himself and his spouse.

A male resident of the UAE can sponsor a stepchild provided they provide certain documents, including a no-objection certificate from the biological parents. This document renewal must necessary every year. Both parents must be sponsoring parents, and an attested copy of the divorce certificate is required if the deceased parent did not consent. The sponsoring person must also prove that he/she is the sole caregiver for the stepchildren. The sponsoring individual must provide proof that the sponsoring individual earns a salary of at least 1633.


Documents Needed To Sponsor a Child in Dubai

When it comes to sponsoring a Child Visa UAE, there are many documents required.

  • First, you need to have a valid residency permit in Dubai.
  • Then, you need to provide proof that you are earning a minimum salary of AED 4,000 per month, have accommodation, and can support the child financially. These documents will help you get a sponsoring visa in Dubai.
  • If you want to sponsor a child in Dubai, you should know that there are specific requirements for single mothers.
  • If the child is from a divorce, the mother needs to submit a custody certificate from the court in her home country, as well as divorce and custody documents.
  • Then, she needs to translate all of these documents into Arabic.
  • If the child’s biological father is not willing to sponsor the child, you need to get a no-objection letter from the UAE embassy or foreign ministry.
  • If the biological father is unwilling to sponsor the child, you can also get a letter from a relative or other third party, as long as it is in accordance with UAE law.
  • Then, the sponsoring parent needs to have a valid bank account.


Medical Exam Required

The first step in sponsoring a stepchild in the UAE is to obtain a no objection certificate (NOC) from the child’s father. The NOC must state that the child’s father has no objection to the child’s immigration to the UAE and must be legally binding. It also must endorse by the UAE embassy in the child’s country. The subsequent step is to present an application. A stepchild must be under the age of eighteen years old and not married. It may be a student studying in another country.

  • Before sponsoring a stepchild, the stepparent must undergo a medical examination. This exam will include chest x-rays and a blood draw.
  • If the stepparent is not physically fit to care for the stepchild, he/she will be sent to a physician for further examination and may be told to return later.
  • Those who consider medically unfit to parent a stepchild may get a rejection for a residency visa in the UAE.
  • In order to sponsor a stepchild in the UAE, the stepparent must have a residence permit and a salary of at least 2,722 USD or 8,000 AED per month.
  • He or she must also have accommodation and must pay for the child’s education.

After the sponsor and stepchild obtained the residence permit, the child will get a UAE Resident visa. This Child Visa Renewal Dubai must apply every two years based on the sponsor’s labor contract.


We are sure that you got your desired answer with concise information that you can sponsor a stepchild according to the information provided above. As the requirements are almost the same as parents visa Dubai. Contact us for any further guidance. We are always ready to help you as the top visa processing company in Dubai. So, call us or visit our site today. Here hitechhubs information Blog.


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