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Is WPC Decking Simple To Install?

Is WPC Decking Simple To Install?

WPC decking mimics wood and really contains wood as well as a significant percentage of plastic. The boards’ various sizes are comparable to those of wood decking planks. Depending on the kind of decking boards, installing plastic decking is comparable to installing timber decking. Boards made of wood and plastic come in two varieties. They are wood-plastic decking with grooves and without grooves. Installing grooved decking differs from installing ungrooved decking in several ways. Similar to wood decking boards, ungrooved decking boards may be installed using screws and nails. Installation of grooved decking needs different techniques from those used for wood, including clips and fasteners.

It may be simple to install WPC decking.

It may be simple to install WPC decking.

There are several things you should be aware of to make the work easier for you if you’re thinking about installing your plastic decking boards yourself. Common wood installation equipment like a drill and a saw should be within your reach. A circular saw is the type of saw required to construct WPC decking.

A circular saw makes it simpler for you to cut the wood-plastic boards, however, whatever saw you use is preferable. To install your WPC decking with nails, a hammer is required. It should be noted that installing plastic decking with nails is not recommended. If you wish to install surface kunststoff terrassendielen, utilize screws rather than nails.

In addition, you should be familiar with how to attach WPC boards using clips and other fasteners. If you want to successfully install your plastic decking, you must be familiar with all these decking abilities, which demand expertise. WPC decking will be simple to install if done in this manner. However, if you lack all these installation abilities for WPC decking, you should hire an installer to do the job for you.

How to install WPC decking

How to install WPC decking

Making sure you don’t omit any of the wood-plastic decking installation processes is essential when installing plastic decking since it is a step-by-step process. Clearing the space where the patio will be installed and attaching the planks to the structure are the first steps.

Decking, Framing, and Foundation

Making the foundation is the first stage in creating your WPC deck. The area where you plan to put your wood-plastic composite boards must be cleared. You’re going to establish the groundwork here. Concrete slabs or wooden posts measuring 4 by 4 or 4 by 6 inches wide serve as the basis for your wood-plastic decking. You will need lengthy wood stakes to lift your plastic decking off the ground.

Instead of poles, you need short concrete slabs if the wood-plastic decking is flat. In order to insert the posts, you must first drill holes around the decking’s perimeter. Before filling the holes with concrete, make sure they are deep enough for the posts to fit inside.

After that, you may fill in the holes with cement and wait for them to cure before moving on to construct the decking’s structure. A network of wooden planks that link to the supports and enclose the edge forms the frame of your decking. Before installing the joists, you must first install the outer frame and fasten it to the posts.

The inner boards that join the outer planks should then be fixed. You must make sure to leave at least 16 inches between them, and no more than 16 inches should be allowed. Continue doing that until you have added enough wooden boards to your decking structure to finish it.

How to install plastic decking and finish the edges

How to install plastic decking and finish the edges

You must place the boards on your wood-plastic decking frame after making the frame. You will finish installing your decking in this manner. Start from the side and be sure to space the framework and the boards if your wood-plastic decking is close to a building.

This is done to prevent cracking of your decking during expansion and contraction. When installing the remaining boards if you’re using grooved decking, you’ll first need to fasten starter clips to keep the initial sets of boards in place. However, if you’re utilizing boards without grooves, just use screws instead of clips. You may cover the border of your wood-plastic decking with fascia after installation.


If you have experience making things and know how to use all the equipment needed to construct the frame and install the decking planks, installing plastic decking is simple. Get the material from wpc terrassendielen fabrikverkauf

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