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LinkedIn Email Scraper – Extract Emails From LinkedIn

LinkedIn Email Scraper – Extract Emails From LinkedIn
Even though LinkedIn provides you with emails, extracting emails manually through it doesn’t always work. Firstly, even though you will fetch the email addresses of the leads, it is tough to identify which email addresses are valid and which are not. Perhaps this is why many people prefer to use a LinkedIn email scraper to fetch valid email addresses from LinkedIn.
E-mail addresses of first-degree connections are easiest to find. However, even for a first-degree connection, only 30% of profiles will have an email address public. Additionally, 60% of first-degree connections’ email addresses are personal.

Is Manually Scraping Emails From LinkedIn A Good Option?

We have just discussed how does a person not always fetch you the email address you need. Now the question is, how valid are the email addresses that you will find manually?
The short answer is scraping emails from LinkedIn manually is waste of time and energy. There are three reasons for this.
  1. First, most of the emails are outdated. For instance, most users never update their email addresses after a year due to forgetting passwords or some other reason.
  2. Based on their job change, their professionals change their email also. As a result, the email address you have collected might be outdated or not in use. As discussed above, 60% of LinkedIn email addresses are personal. Using personal emails for prospecting is against professional ethics. Not only will the prospect not appreciate the move, but in some countries, it’s illegal.
  3. Lastly, not all email addresses you have extracted or collected are verified. Sending emails to a large number of people that actually don’t exist might mark you as a spammer. It creates a problem for you even if you have genuine email address lists.

How To Extract Emails From LinkedIn Without Wasting Time And Energy?

Now we know about the problems of copy-pasting data from LinkedIn, let us see what we can do to solve this issue.
LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor or LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper is a software that helps users to extract valid email addresses, phone numbers, social media links, and much more from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. It is primarily available as a desktop application.
With LinkedIn Email Extractor, it is possible to build a strong email and phone number list of contacts from LinkedIn without any programming knowledge. You can also use it to verify the extracted data.
Also, the LinkedIn email grabber allows you to modify the criteria to extract only active email addresses and mobile numbers from LinkedIn.

To summarize, extracting real emails from LinkedIn involves three steps:

Use the LinkedIn advanced search feature to create an email lead list.

Find and copy and paste data from LinkedIn manually.

Enrich the lead list using a LinkedIn email extractor/finder.


LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is undoubtedly a handy tool to generate leads for marketing, recruiting, and freelancing. It automates LinkedIn lead generation to a certain extent.

However, scraping data from LinkedIn manually is not a good idea for nurturing the leads. But a suitable LinkedIn data extractor can quickly fix this issue.


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