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Logistics Tracking India Solutions: A Panacea for the Shipping Industry

Logistics Tracking India Solutions: A Panacea for the Shipping Industry

A powerful container tracking system involves a virtual dispatch workstation that offers exact and accurate freight data. As an urgent apparatus in the inventory network, an online tracking system offers advantageous and powerful strategies to track the current location of vessels or containers only by their number. Thusly, it is imperative to identify the critical benchmarks required in a particular supply chain making use of the best container tracking system. Those benchmarks can fill numerous needs all through the data stream.

A vessel tracking system stamps all transactions

A great part of the shipping industry is based on outsourcing different pieces of the procedure to various specialty organizations. This way, it is really prudent to choose an online logistics tracking India system that incorporates the return of the shipping container, as well as an in-depth understanding of this part of the shipping procedure. Ideally, a notification to the carrier for pick up is generate upon receipt of the trigger, and this way it generates a permanent record of that date while stamping the transaction. Keeping a record of this information for future reference might be a great idea for the proper business functioning.

Capturing critical benchmarks in real-time 

An effective and efficient web-based container tracking system offers all the necessary tools for capturing critical benchmarks such as the return of unloaded shipping vessels and even the status of the stranded containers. Taking proactive action with containers coming back timely always results in a very positive shipping experience free from all additional costs.

LDB: the most dependable name within the industry 

Keeping in view the significance of the container tracking solutions, Indian companies are proving their mettle within the domain. LDB is one such leading company that deals in professional container tracking systems and services. The company provides logistics tracking India services for the best container trackingincluding Apollo Logisolutions container tracking and Balmer & Lawrie container tracking with absolute reliability and efficiency.

Some striking factors associated with the system include the following:

  • 11,537,307 Containers Handled
  • 10 Port Terminals of Western Corridor
  • 6 Port Terminals of Southern Corridor
  • 3 Port Terminals of Eastern Corridor
  • 27 Visibility Across Toll Plazas Provided
  • 70% of India’s container volume is handled.

All tracking tasks can be performed within seconds 

In the past 10 years, the logistics sector in India has witnessed a sea change on almost each and every front. After the penetration of internet-powered systems and devices, things for the operators have become just like a breeze as there is no need for unnecessary manpower. The tasks that once used to be accomplished in days now can be carried out within minutes.

Some other prominent features and attributes include the following:

  • Only a single person can install and run the system within a few hours
  • Real-time, error-free, effective, and efficient location tracking through RFID triggers
  • Instant notifications as and when anything happens during the journey of the containers
  • Even when a shipping container gets disconnect from its originating source, the framework still keeps reporting
  • The patented light sensor the system  equips with acts as a wired door sensor with no exposed cables
  • The system also offers advance analytics reports which can be used to save time and cost on the next journey
  • The users can very easily swap it from trailer to trailer
  • The system offers ultra-advanced, comprehensive fleet data.

Concluding Remarks

LDB while keeping pace with the changes taking place within the logistics sector has created multimodal support for the country’s International and Domestic containerization and trade. Innovation, cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and complete customer satisfaction are the things that set the system apart from the rest. LDB also offers fully customized solutions that exactly suit the requirements of the shippers around the globe.


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