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Master’s Degree in Sonography Guide in 2022

Master’s Degree in Sonography Guide in 2022

In earlier times; students used to follow the path whichever they were told to do so. They picked the career for themselves based on the success or demand of it. However; the times have changed now as students do thorough research on the majors they are interested in before choosing it as their ultimate path. This post is a guide for the students who are thinking of pursuing the field of sonography as their major in masters.


Nowadays, sonography is a technique available worldwide that has found applications in almost all medical specialties. Furthermore, sonography is currently used at all levels, from medical students to subspecialties (MD, 2017). Basically; sonography is the process which is used for the diagnosis of medical conditions. In this process; high-frequency sound waves are used to produce dynamic visual images of tissues, organs, and blood flow inside the body.

There are physics; technology, maths, and other such subjects involved that are taught to understand this major. Students often get baffled by the assignments and theses given on the related topics and opt for the best PhD thesis help instead, who can prepare a great thesis for them. A thesis shouldn’t be taken lightly, your whole degree depends upon it (thedissertationhelp, 2021).

Types of Sonography:

According to the Stanford Health Care system, sonography can be divided into the following types:

  • Doppler ultrasound.
  • Duplex ultrasound.
  • Color Doppler.
  • Color-flow imaging.
  • A duplex ultrasound, etc.

Branches of this major:

There are different specialties in which the students of this major can specialize. These are divided on the basis of parts of the body that needs to be diagnosed. Following are some of those specialties:

  • Obstetric Sonography.
  • Abdomen-Sonography.
  • Breast-Sonography.
  • Carotid-Sonography.
  • General Sonography.
  • Musculoskeletal Sonography.
  • Pelvis Sonography.
  • Venous Sonography.
  • Neuro-Sonography.

Requirements to pursue this major:

The requirements to pursue this major are similar to the requirements that any other major asks for. As a finance student has to work on the Finance thesis topics, similarly a sonography student will have to work on the sonography-related topics. Following are some of the essentials for students who are thinking of doing a master’s in Sonography:

  • Complete a prerequisite course in Science, Physics, maths, and English.
  • Complete the four years program for a Bachelor Of Science In Medical Sonography.
  • After completing a bachelor’s, you can do post-bachelor’s certificate program that provides the student with an internship.
  • Besides these qualifications, students interested in the major of sonography can do associate degree programs of two years in the following branches of sonography:
    1. Pieces of equipment of ultrasound.
    2. Patient care.

Qualifications needed to practice being a sonography expert:

Besides having the above-mentioned degrees, a student must have the following qualifications and certifications to practice being a sonography expert;


  • An individual must have the sonography licensing program of his particular state to pursue a career in the related field.

Career opportunities:

This particular field comes with the following career opportunities for individuals who have been qualified in sonography and its related coursework:

1.     Sonography leadership department:

This department constitutes of the positions including chief sonographer, lead sonographer, technical director, and supervising sonographer.  To occupy your place in this department; one must have leadership qualities and vast experience in the related field.

2.     Ultrasound technician:

A sonographer who has gained certifications and qualifications in his respective specialty can apply for the vacancies of brain sonography, pediatric sonography, cardiac sonography, obstetric sonography, and gynae sonography.

3.     Director of the organization

Another job opportunity for a sonographer is to become the director of the department. An individual must have experience and business operation skills to be in this position.

4.     A teacher or an educator:

A sonography expert can be a teacher, an instructor, or an educator who can teach the upcoming generations about sonography and its different specialties.

5.     Research expert:

Another career opportunity for a person qualified as a sonographer can be a research expert.  Diagnostic imaging plays an essential role in conducting medical research.

Responsibilities of a sonographer:

A sonographer has certain responsibilities towards his profession like a professional in any other field. Following are the duties in which he must perform well:

  • Setting up the ultrasound pieces of equipment. After that, carry out the test and print out the images of the tests.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the diagnostic results to help the patient out in understanding his medical condition.
  • Keeping the track of the dates and records of the scans performed and images produced during the process of sonography.
  • Referring the patients to the medical clinics and health care units according to the diagnosis of their medical condition.

Cons of being a sonographer:

Everything comes with its pros and cons, and so does the field of sonography. Following are the main issues of being a sonographer:

  • Fluctuating timings; every hour is your duty hour because whenever a patient comes, you will have to attend to him.
  • a sonographer has to attend to them calmly.


Sonography involves the diagnosis of different body parts to get to the root of the medical problem. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will guide the students of 2022 in the field of sonography.


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