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Medical Store Management System

Medical Store Management System

Everything we eat nowadays contains harmful chemicals and pesticides, making our bodies and health vulnerable. Pollution is rapidly spreading through the air, water, food, and other sources, resulting in many diseases affecting human lives. The freshness of the air, cleanliness, and water purity are all dwindling and making us sick. Ozone depletion is causing the sun’s rays to contact us directly, spreading skin cancers physically.

The human body can rejuvenate itself from infections, cuts, and minor wounds, but it requires exogenous drugs to regenerate quicker and more effectively. Many hospitals and doctor’s clinics have opened in proportion to the population. Still, individuals do not always travel to the hospital for minor viral infections and prefer to attend medical clinics.

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After examining the patient’s symptoms and overall health, the doctor recommends several medications taken as prescribed by the disease or severity of the illness. This system is hectic and requires a management system to provide solutions instantly. As a result, the Medical Store Management System is introduced, which has the information of all medicines, and the patient may have all the medicines at his residence after authoritatively mandating.

Overview of key features: 

  • The system compiles information on all drugs into a single portal that the patient may access.
  • A management system is required in medicine to manage the store and track the medications .
  • The administrator may also handle employee information, which aids in compensation calculation and leave management.

System in Use:

The current system is a manually transmitted system requiring a great deal of physical labor. Sometimes, the patient must go to the medical store to purchase the medicines. It also necessitates keeping the prescription page handy at the time of purchase, which, if lost, prevents him from buying drugs.

This system is outdating, and a solution that keeps track of every transaction is necessary. Until store employees had to manually enter the data of each consumer or patient into files. Loads of papers cause physical overcrowding. When a patient returns to the medical shop, it might be challenging to find the previous file among the piles of paper to detect the patient’s medication history visually.

As a result, a system is required that can maintain the specifics of each transaction and the patient’s medical and illness history file. The design needs time to do every work and payment from each patient. The staff also physically manages the discount and tax file, which contains inaccuracies owing to human involution in the computation, and it increases the system’s risk and vulnerability. Other features of this system include: 

  • The amount of physical effort and time required is enormous. Hence the system is outmoded.
  • This system fails to keep track of the patient’s medical history and medications.
  • Supplier information is also kept in paper mode, and the number of medications in stock is manually estimated.
  • There is no record of in-house stock, and some drugs go missing when they expire.

System Proposed:

The medical management system irritates the desires of the existing medical shop situation. This method was created with patients and retail owners in mind. As a result, the management system’s user interface is designed specifically for the system’s actors. It provides tabs and choices based on the data required for the database link to function correctly.

The patient first authenticates in the system, then uploads the doctor’s prescription and selects the number of drugs he requires. This information is forwarded to the admin, who then gathers the staff members according to the rack or department where the medicine may be located. It then packages and mails the mixture to the patient’s address. The patient has the choice on the interface when selecting the drugs to pay the cost via the online method, which goes to the admin, and the staff, and maintains the details.

  • This system organizes employee data, making it easier for administrators to calculate salaries and leave. 
  • The amount of data connected to patients, employees, and medications can be appropriately controlled.
  • The system is well-managed and adapted to the owner’s needs, with the admin able to regulate the flow of data;
  • The system is time-efficient and supplies on time, with the patient being requested through the system from his house.
  • Data and information are securely saved in the database, with each actor providing unique login credentials.

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