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Print from Your Mobile Device and Increase Productivity at Work

Print from Your Mobile Device and Increase Productivity at Work

Modern smartphones have increasingly become an inseparable part of our day-to-day lives. While mobiles were primarily used to stay connected with our loved ones in the initial years of launch, this device has rapidly transformed to assist us in numerous other regular tasks. If you are a working professional, you would be amazed to see how mobile printing is helping people increase their productivity. For the uninitiated, mobile printing is simply what it sounds like, carrying out printing tasks using mobile phones. All you need is a good, multi-function printer like Epson print service android and mobile connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Whether working from an office, home, or a café, mobile printing can make things easier for you. Previously, you would have to transfer files that required printouts to a computer connected to a printer. But with mobile printing, it has become a thing of the past. Depending on the printer you intend to use, you can take advantage of this feature with a print application. If you like to eliminate unnecessary steps from your printing task, you should start using mobile printing at the earliest. To make the transition smooth, we have listed everything you want to know about printing from a mobile device and how it influences productivity.

Take Your Productivity to a New Level

People carry their smartphones almost everywhere and use them to read while commuting. Doing some research for an upcoming meeting, and doing plenty of other tasks. But rarely did people think they could print essential documents on the go with the help of their mobile phones. With mobile printing, people can now focus on more important tasks instead of looking for a computer connected to a printer. Updating the mobile device and Epson print service android can take a few minutes for the initial pairing, but it will save time going forward.

If you have come up with an exciting idea right before a team meeting or forgot to carry some important documents on your way to work, you can turn to a mobile printer for instant printouts. If you have a print application installed on your phone and your device is already paired with the printer, you can get printouts within seconds. Mobile printing boosts flexibility and convenience and helps get things done faster in less time.

Smartphones and Printers Compatible with Mobile Printing

You can only increase your productivity through mobile printing if you have the latest version of mobile and printers. Most printers from top brands, like the Epson print service android, HP, etc., are compatible with such technology. Moreover, the printer and the mobile have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi to enjoy mobile printing.

With an android system, you can connect a tablet or smartphone to a printer. Initiate printout tasks from printers placed at a distance. Having in-built support makes it easier to get printouts while saving you enough time.

Nothing to Worry About Security Breaches

If you are worried about using Epson print service android or any other print applications due to possible security breaches, there is nothing to worry about. Advanced printers that support mobile printing come with an authentication feature that lets people use secure job-release systems. It means the printout will only occur after the relevant device authentication. This can be a savior if you are planning to use mobile printing to print confidential documents outside the workspace.

To make the entire process more secure, you can also use the ‘bring your own device’ policy. Such policies define the personal devices that can be used. Link to a printer to protect the documents from falling into the wrong hands. You can list and connect all your employee devices to an advanced printer so that no one from outside your business can use the printer. If the printer requires a print application, ensure only your verified employees can access it.

Are You Ready to Integrate Mobile Printing Into Your Work Processes?

Since people have started working remotely and on the go. Mobile print applications have become crucial to help them save time and boost productivity. You wouldn’t want your employees to get stuck in their work because they didn’t have access to a PC. As it wasn’t connected to a printer nearby. Since mobile printing is safe, fast, and helps get more done in less time, you shouldn’t think twice before including it in your work processes.

You can start by using Epson print service android for businesses. You can easily download a print application and learn how it can benefit you and your employees.

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