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Real-money gambling and fantasy sports are popular in India

Real-money gambling and fantasy sports are popular in India

Over the course of the last year, there have been a number of important shifts in the landscape of Indian esports, including the prohibition of PUBG Mobile and the launch of VALORANT. On the other hand, the rise of betting and fantasy platforms in the area has largely gone unreported due to the region’s lack of attention to the topic.

Even though it may be difficult to tell the difference between esports, esports betting, and fantasy sports, some firms, like the Mobile Premier League (MPL), World777, Dream11, and WinZO, have made significant investments in real-money gaming and fantasy sports. In certain instances, these platforms have even experimented with “mainstream esports,” which is a term coined by those working in the business.

2020, MPL was able to get Series C funding in the amount of $90 million (£65 million), while World777 was able to secure Series B financing in the amount of $18 million (£13 million). In addition, Paytm, an Indian e-commerce payment network that is now valued at over $10 billion (£7.3 billion), is a backer of Paytm First Games. Most of the games that can be played on these platforms fall into the casual or hyper-casual categories.

The development of fantasy sports is GoodGamer’s primary focus

The platform aims to foster competitive gaming, and one way it may do this is via multiplayer games. In India, websites such as MPL already provide access to games that fall within the casual and hyper-casual genres. GoodGamer plans to include both casual and serious games within its platform.

In addition to that, the platform has plans to collaborate with other sponsors and event organizers in order to host competitive tournaments. It has formed a partnership with Sky Sports, a tournament organizer located in Chennai. In order to target esports enthusiasts in India’s local communities.

The fallout from the decision to ban PUBG Mobile

Platforms that engage in the real-money gaming. Betting business have a legitimate reason to be concerned about the possibility of interference from the government.

If you take a look at the statistics. You’ll see that slightly more than half of the people living in India. Have access to mobile phones and the internet. According to him, in the next years we could see a much larger population going online as a result of the decreased cost of technology.

Market for fantasy sports

The number of people using the website for fantasy sports has T20 worldcup Cricket ID from a meager 20,000 in June of 2016 to an astonishing 90 million as of December of this year. It is anticipate that by the end of the year 2020, it will have surpass 100 million. The suppliers of online fantasy sports saw a rise of 1,480 crore rupees in their total revenue. This is a mind-boggling gain of 161 percent in only one financial year. By the end of the year 2024. It is anticipate that the market will have established a new standard of $3.7 billion. This market category is now expanding at a pace equivalent to 32 percent on an annualized basis.

The casino sector on Indian reservations

India boasts one tenth of the world’s total population playing video games and the world’s second-largest userbase for smartphones! After the price of data plummeted to a level that was a fraction of what it had been. Consumer demand for mobile content increased dramatically. By the year 2021, it is anticipate that annual income from mobile gaming would have surpassed $1 billion. Making India’s mobile game market the most rapidly expanding in terms of revenue worldwide.

In India, there are over 222 million people that play video games. They spend an average of 42 minutes every day playing games on their mobile devices. The number of firms that produce video games has seen a meteoric rise in India. They have expanded by 11 times over the course of the previous decade. And it is anticipate that they will reach 275 by the year 2020.

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