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Remote Proctoring Software: Increasing popularity amongst Corporates & Institutes

Remote Proctoring Software: Increasing popularity amongst Corporates & Institutes

After the Covid-19 pandemic, corporates are witnessing a splendid transformation in recruitment. The governing norm for social distancing increases the popularity of the remote proctoring software for conducting secure exams. It is feasible, convenient, reduces the cost, and offers an easy way to hire candidates. The use of online proctored software has increased rapidly. Their legitimate concerns like invasiveness and bias enhanced the popularity of the remote proctoring software. Artificial intelligence is detecting misconduct during the process and it is an automated process for detecting cheating during exams.

Artificial Intelligence based Online proctoring permits organizations to do identification of the candidates before starting the exam and ensures complete authenticity. About half a dozen organizations claim that their software can prevent cheating during online tests. While there is no official data to show. It is an algorithm for modern surveillance that strengthens supremacy. The candidates have to switch on the mics and webcams before starting the exam. Also, they need to give access to screen sharing. If anything is suspicious, it would automatically raise a flag if anything is found suspicious. There are negligible chances to cheat during the exam as it controls the entire session during the exam. 

Reasons why remote proctoring software has become popular

Here are a few reasons why remote proctoring software is becoming popular which are as follows: 

  • Automatic Registration: Candidates can register themselves according to the suitable job. The form would submit automatically once you fill out the form. 
  • Effective screening: There can be chances for malpractice during the physical screening of the candidate. The online exam software ensures that the candidate should not get involved in any activity which is prohibited during the exam. This would offer the credibility of the complete hiring process. 
  • Eliminates human intervention: When the entire hiring process is automated, then there is no requirement of the human. From registration to screening, everything is online which makes it fairer. 
  • Transparent Process: Online exam reduces bias, which is often there in the physical process. Sometimes, the candidate is not able to perform due to anxiousness. In the online examination system, they can give exams, they can give exams according to their convenience. 
  • Fast Process: Hiring is a time-consuming process. When the organization is hiring physically, they need to look for a place for scheduling interviews, and a lot more other expenditures are there. Also, there are multiple stages. Online assessment saves time and reduces the cost involved in hiring. It eliminates the unnecessary levels of the interview during hiring. 

Hence, online exam software is prominent to conduct a mass examination. Many organizations are dependent on online proctoring software for secure examination. Also, it is streamlining the complete process for hiring candidates.

Think Exam Remote Proctoring Solution

Noida based Assessment Company, Think Exam provides artificial intelligence based remote proctoring solutions for conducting cheating proof examinations and assessments with an intuitive analytics dashboard and live exam sessions in Real-time. Think Exam provides session assessment and in-depth analysis of candidates behavior and actions, by raising a flag for any suspicious type of activities during the online examinations.

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