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RO Purifier needs maintenance and servicing once 12 mts check here to know more

RO Purifier needs maintenance and servicing once 12 mts check here to know more

Everything that you use in your home all electronic appliances or machines needs regular maintenance and servicing. Especially, your RO water purifier. It is very essential that you make regular maintenance of your RO water purifier very carefully. The proper maintenance and proper servicing are of utmost required for RO water purifiers to get safe water for drinking. However, if you want to be healthy and want a long life for your RO purifier then it is a must. Best Water Purifier For Home Chennai, Ozone Technology can do this service as well – RO, maintenance, and servicing.

Several common problems persist if your RO is not properly maintain or service. In this post, a few common RO problems are highlight.

Your RO not working properly

Check whether your RO water purifier storage tank is empty. With not a single drop of water flowing from the purifier tap.

See if the power-on button is off or on if off then switch on the button, and check. If the electricity supply is there or not. If doing all these still it is not working means there are some faults with the wiring or power supply adapter. Then you can call RO expert Ozone Technology, Best Ro Water Purifier For Home Chennai

Secondly, you can check the power on the button from your main valve if the water supply valve is close if yes, then check whether the water purifier is working or not. If the valve is on, check the water pressure, and then even if the RO is not working there are some internal problems, then call to RO expert. Sometimes due to low water pressure also the RO won’t work.

Leaking of the water problem

Water leakage from RO is the main and common problem. Sometimes you may notice a pool of water near your RO. It can happen due to the connector of the pipes being loose which leads to water leaking. Ensure that all pipe fittings should be proper. If you notice any leaks or drops call the Ro professional Ozone Technology, Best Water Purifier For Home Chennai. Their expert can check the pipe fittings and other RO issues if you notice can also be checked by them professionally.

Odor smell and bad taste of water

Some water RO has an awful smell if you won’t service it for long days, you can feel the difference during the new installation after that without servicing there is heal and heaven difference when it comes to water taste. The most common smell in the water is chlorine odor this may occur when the filter is not filtering the water people. If you do not want to prolong this problem for a long time at least once in 12 months have to change the filters.


Sometimes the purifier may develop an aggressive smell if it is left unutilized in the storage tank for longer days. When any water is left you just take it out once in 2 days. You should clean the storage tank thoroughly every day or you can clean it at the time of service or filter replacement. RO expert Ozone Technology, Best Ro Water Purifier For Home Chennai can do as well.


These are some common problems where you need a RO professional should come once in 12 months and change either your filter or clean your storage tank, or other maintenance are to be done in time to get clean and fresh water. As health is wealth always have 12 months once your RO servicing & maintenance. Call RO expert Ozone Technology, Best Ro Water Purifier For Home Chennai for any Ro-related problems to seek out.



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