Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

  1. Socially

socially assists brands with various elements comprar seguidores twitter of their marketing strategies by offering results-driven solutions around social strategy, production of content and managing communities, social paid ads, Influencer marketing, influencer marketing, and much more. They divide their services into production and creative community management, social media strategy, and social paid ads.

films capture creates, paints, bakes, records the skeleton, creates and invents, writes, and draws every single client’s social media content on their own. They begin their social strategies by holding a detailed meeting regarding the demographics of the target audience they wish to reach with their marketing campaign on social media. The discussion helps the creative team develop content that appeals to the intended viewers.

After their team has a good knowledge of the company and its branding, they can begin to discuss the details. It could be a campaign, a holiday, or anything else. Following having a brief, they go into a discussion with different brainstorming techniques to develop unique concepts for other social platforms. When they are ready to start their plan, They continue to experiment, analyze and improve.

Suppose you decide to go with Community management. In that case, IN uses community management to showcase your company’s image, keep your page updated with new content, and actively participate in discussions among your fans. At the end of every month, they assess their efforts, including engagement levels and increased followers. They also offer multilingual social media management services in over 36 languages.


We are the #1 Social Media Agency. support companies by developing a content strategy for social media, social design, managing social ads managing communities, influencer marketing, and much more are also an official Facebook Marketing Partner of choice.


Social Strategy, Content Production, SMM, Ad Management, Influencer Mkt, Data.


$100 – $149 /


The top LinkedIn Marketing Agency globally with more than 500 5-star reviews.


Done-for-you LinkedIn Paid Ads and LinkedIn Lead Generation.



Audience (Social Media)

The Audience has been a leading influencer and a social media-based marketing agency located within Dusseldorf, Germany. At Audience, they employ social media natives to create successful Social Media Marketing strategies for corporations across various sectors.


Content Creation Influencer Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Ads Paid Ads


You can check our website for more information about our pricing and rates.

Joseph Studios

Advanced Organic Marketing

Organic Social Media Advanced Public Relations, SEO, Email, and Content Marketing


Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency Provides is a full-service digital agency. We offer SEO PPC, Social Media web design, and much more. Free Proposal!

Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads SEO, PPC, web design, and much more


$100 – $149 / hr

Life Marketing

A top company for managing social media that assists businesses in growing online. LYFE Marketing helps clients increase sales and leads through marketing on social media.



$50 – $99 / hr

Disruptive Advertising

We’re enthusiastic about creating relationships that are built based on your company and marketing outcomes. $250M Managed Annually.

PPC, Paid Ads Management, Email Marketing, Amazon Advertising, Ecommerce, B2B


$100 – $149 / hr

Nuanced Media

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Amazon Ad Management, Multi-Channel E-commerce Marketing, Shopify Design & Dev




High-performance marketing agency specializing in generating new revenue for apps

$ 50,000

$ 50-99

Ignite Social Media

Social First | Social Only | Social Partners. Enhance your online marketing to achieve actual business results that are quantifiable by utilizing our multi-award-winning team of experts in social media marketing.

Social Strategy Content, Content, Channel Mgmt. Paid Social Ads Reporting and many more.


You can go to our site for information on our pricing and rates.


It’s the B2B Social Media Agency. Improve your content, and seal more deals by 2022.

Paid Ads + Organic Social Media Strategy, Content, Management for B2Bs & Execs


$5,000+ / mo

Humble team

We make digital products dance.

Design and strategy for product Digital branding, remote design teams


$75 – $100 / hr

Vireo Video Inc

Video is a video marketing company specializing in video marketing and advertising via YouTube to Smart Brands.  has experience and knowledge of YouTube and video marketing to increase growth in Audience and generate revenues for your company.

Video Marketing YouTube Strategy YouTube Optimization YouTube Marketing Influencer Marketing YouTube Advertising


$100 – $149 / hr

  1. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising

In Utah, Disruptive Advertising splits its services into PPC Management, Site Testing, Analytics Consulting, and Software. Their immediate attention is PPC, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads regarding social marketing through media.

They view the bottom line of their clients as their primary goal. The company optimizes your customers’ PPC ads every week to maximize their returns. They continually adjust their advertisements and targeting to get the best return and the lowest cost feasible.

Disruptive Advertising claims to be determined to transform the world, one click at a. They evaluate and test each aspect of the advertising campaign and then rigorously optimize the process from the moment you click to closing.

While Disruptive Advertising sees Google Ads as the most potent source in PPC marketing, they are aware of the significance of Facebook in B2C marketing, as well as LinkedIn for those who are in B2B. B2B sector. They are aware that each platform lets you make ads appear in different ways. However, they emphasize that the more precise your knowledge of your customers is, you’ll be more exact and practical you can create your advertisements.

  1. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency


proudly displays proof of its accomplishments on its website. have over 100 5 Star reviews on Google and over 50 reviews on Facebook, plus more than 30 reviews on Clutch.  also regularly feature testimonials and are a firm trusted of word-of-mouth marketing.

are a full-service online marketing company providing a range of services to customers in every industry since.  are convinced that they can help you take your web presence up a notch by improving the design of your website and copywriting, your keywords, social media presence, and much more.

One of their responsibilities is the use of social media for marketing. They provide the following activities in their services for social media marketing:

  • Evaluation and identification of the intended Audience
  • Effective social media marketing strategies and execution
  • Regularly scheduled updates, as well as new articles and stories as they are published
  • Monitoring of social media continuously with recognition and responses
  • Constantly monitoring, researching and adapting to the changing internet developments and tools
  • Inspiring awareness and encouragement in the blogging community as well as forums
  • Focusing on specific keywords, phrases, and subjects that are relevant to your company’s image
  • Data-tracking and the use of analytics tools to enhance strategy
  1. Lyfe Marketing

Marketing is a complete social media management firm. provide social media management, search engine optimization services, and web design and development services. develop and manage top-performing social media marketing campaigns for clients on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  •  divide their services into:
  • Social Media Management Services
  • Social Media Advertising Services
  • Website Design Services
  • Search Engine Optimization Services

From 2011 to now, LYFE Marketing has managed more than 2,000 social media marketing campaigns. The company claims to have generated more than 983,287 leads to clients with digital marketing. The social media-based marketing services aid their clients’ businesses increase the brand’s visibility (followers) and building connections (engagement) as well as the visibility of their website (traffic).

  • They follow a five-step marketing strategy for media.
  • You can assign a person to manage your social media account
  • Create a plan for social media specific to your company
  • Create content calendars and ads
  • Optimization of growth and maintenance daily
  • Communication and reporting
  1. Cleverly


If you require assistance in the area of LinkedIn, Cleverly is a smart option. They can manage your campaign from coordinating the targeting of leads to lead magnets, and the agency can assist in achieving concrete results through LinkedIn advertisements. They use information collected from many inbound B2B campaigns to tailor messages to your target audience via LinkedIn.

If you’re not looking to outsource the task to an agency, provide a LinkedIn lead generation course. The course is designed to show you their tried-and-true LinkedIn methods and strategies to help you increase your productivity and automate your business.

  • They offer services such as:
  •  lead generation
  •  paid-for advertising
  •  is an excellent platform for recruiting candidates
  • Lead generation through White-label

LinkedIn lead gen course

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