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Solved: Why Is HBO Max Not Working on Roku?

Solved: Why Is HBO Max Not Working on Roku?

We can easily follow HBO Max on Roku TV. It has become easy for us to watch original HBO shows and movies. Users can also face many technical errors while they are streaming HBO Max on Roku TV. Sometimes users face the error “HBO Max not working on Roku.” It happens for a variety of reasons. We know it’s easy-to-use HBO Max on Roku.

Primary Reason for HBO Max Not Working on Roku TV

Here we can check the primary causes of HBO Max not working on Roku TV.

  • There is a chance our Roku TV is not compatible with the HBO Max app.
  • Users can use a low version of Roku Software.
  • Slow or irregular internet connection
  • Sometimes servers of Roku or HBO Max are down because of technical problems or for maintenance.

The above are the primary reasons for HBO Max not working on Roku. Users can easily understand the causes and fix them fast.

Methods to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku TV

Here we can check different ways to fix HBO Max not working.

Restart Roku and Router

Before getting into the technical details, you need to restart your Roku and router. Wait for a few seconds and unplug your device. Now reconnect it to the wall socket. It will give a soft reset to our Roku device. It also eliminates network problems. Here it becomes necessary for us to check if HBO Max not working on Roku is fixed or not.

Update your Roku

When we use the low version of Roku, it shows HBO Max not working on Roku TV. We must update Roku to the latest version. Let us check these steps that are used to update the new version. 

  • First, we need to turn on our Roku.
  • Now press its home button on Roku.
  • Here we choose settings from the given options on the screen.
  • We go to system > system update.
  • Check available updates and click on them 

After updating to the new version, we can check if the error is fixed or not. 

Upgrade Roku Device

It is necessary to note that HBO Max works only on Roku 9.3 and later versions. Sometimes users are using older Roku devices, so they don’t receive any updates. It has become essential for them to upgrade their Roku device and watch HBO Max perfectly.  

Remove HBO Max Channel and Re-add

Many users also face HBO Max not working on Roku. It becomes essential for us to remove and reinstall again. 

  • We can turn on Roku.
  • Now go to the remote and press its home button.
  • Here we choose ‘Streaming Channels.
  • There is a need to open Channel Store on it.
  • Now search HBO Max channel from the list.
  • Tap on the OK button on the remote.
  • We can pick the remove channel option.
  • Here we can confirm removing the HBO Max channel from Roku
  • Restart Roku.
  • Now we can press the home button on the remote again.
  • Here we search HBO Max.
  • After this we can add the channel and check if HBO Max is working or not on your Roku is fixed or not. In case it is not working we can use the next method.

Disable VPN

On Roku, HBO Max is only available to US residents. Roku does not support HBO Max streaming if you are using a VPN to hide your location or for any other reason. It has become essential for us to disable the VPN. 

Clear Your Roku Cache

There is also a need to clear the cache on Roku because it stores data. The data will interfere with the app. It is very easy to clear the caches.

  • Press the Asterisk button on your remote to select HBO Max from your home screen.
  • Here we choose to remove the channel.
  • Now reboot the Roku device and do a full system restart.
  • After clearing caches, there is a need to reinstall the HBO Max channel.

Perform a Factory Reset

It is possible to reset the system if nothing else works. There is a need to reinstall all channels and log in to the back. We can use these steps for a factory reset.

  • We can choose Settings > System > Advanced system settings.
  • Here we choose Factory to reset.
  • Now we can enter the code that provides into the box and choose OK.
  • Wait for a few minutes until it completes the process of factory reset.
  • After this we can check HBO Max not working on Roku TV is resolved or not.

Check if HBO Max is Down

HBO Max may not be working because they’re down. Check the Down Detector site to see if anyone else is experiencing problems. A problem with your home Internet service may also be to blame, in which case you can contact your provider. It helps in fixing HBO Max not working on Roku TV.

Sum Up

We can easily fix HBO Max not working on Roku. We must follow all the steps and instructions properly. Users can easily watch their favorite shows on HBO Max after fixing the error. 


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