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Some Tips on Choosing the Right Maurices Jeans

Some Tips on Choosing the Right Maurices Jeans

Jeans are timeless garments that may be worn year after year. They’re relaxed and comfortable, and they go with anything. Conversely, jeans may be one of the most difficult items of clothing to locate. It can be difficult and scary to find the most comfortable jeans that fit your body shape and make you feel confident But don’t worry Maurices Jeans is here to cover you up.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can make shopping for jeans a lot easier. Continue reading to learn how to pick the right pair of jeans for you, so you can put your failed shopping trips behind you and feel great in your jeans.


Low-rise jeans are an excellent choice for showcasing your curvaceous hips. To avoid the terrible waist-gap problem, make sure they fit firmly around your hips. A low rise can be worn by athletic body types as well. Here at Maurices Jeans, they have all sorts of variety

Because you may not have a natural curve in your hips, your jeans will hang a little lower, so choose a fitting type with stretch.


This is the most figure-friendly rise on the market; it’s flattering on all body types and a little secret weapon for those of us who desire a little extra structure in our core. Mid-rise jeans work well with almost any top length, making them a versatile option at Maurices Jeans


This outfit is often referred to as “retro,” but it’s a classic. This fit is ideal for athletic body types with smaller waists. Slender hourglass figures look wonderful in high-rise jeans with stretch According to our experts at Maurices Jeans. Cropped tops and tuck-ins work well with this look.

 Don’t Make Decisions Based on Popularity

Even if high-waisted skinny jeans are currently the most popular fashion trend in pants, that doesn’t imply you should buy them. Just because a pair of jeans is fashionable right now doesn’t mean it will look well on you.

Some women look great in trendy jeans, while others don’t. Don’t let the latest craze affect your decision to purchase a pair of jeans. Maurices Jeans recommends Rather than following the crowd, purchase jeans that flatter your body rather than those worn by models in magazines.

Don’t Forget to Stretch Your Jeans

they may feel tight and uncomfortable, prompting you to purchase a larger size.

However, sizing up isn’t always the best decision when a new pair of jeans feel too tight in the changing room. When you get home and wear the jeans all day, they’ll stretch out and become sagging and unsightly.

Choose a pair of jeans that are a little snug around the waist and will stretch to fit your skin.

 Find the Right Person

There’s a straightforward method for choosing jeans with a waistline that fits you perfectly and won’t irritate you after you buy them because it’s too loose or too tight.

Your entire hand should never be able to fit inside the back waistband of your pants. If you can, the waistband is too loose, making your waist appear larger or droopy.

One or two fingers, on the other hand, should easily fit down the back of your waistband. If you can’t, the waistband is too tight and will compress your waist and stomach uncomfortably.

Take into Consideration Your Crotch

The crotch section of your jeans will stretch just like the rest of the denim fabric. When you first buy a pair of pants from Maurices Jeans, you should never be able to grip loose cloth in the crotch area.

The crotch region of your jeans should fit snugly against your skin when you first buy them; over time, it will stretch out to a more comfortable fit.

If the fabric in that area does not fit against your skin and instead hangs between your legs, you should not buy the jeans.

 Choose A Bootcut or High-Waisted Pants If You’re Curvaceous.

High-waisted jeans are the way to go if you want to go for a current slim jean design and have a curvy body. The higher waist of the jeans may help to give the impression of smaller hips and long legs.

Bootcut jean styles are very appealing on curvaceous figures because they provide balance and harmony.

Bootcut and high-waisted jeans are never a good combination. This style is outdated and may give the impression that you’re wearing mom jeans,’ as said by our highly expert fashion designer at Maurices Jeans which is a look you should avoid whether you have kids.

Add A Dash of Sass to Your Shape

Many women are anxious that wearing jeans will make their bodies appear shapeless and flat. If your figure is lacking in curves, get a pair of flared jeans to offer the illusion of a shapelier figure that fills out your pants better.

Look for extra zippers, buttons, stitching, pocket patterns, or any other needless frills on your pants. While these embellishments don’t improve the fit or functioning of the jeans, they do add interest, and texture, and make you appear shapelier. and here at Maurices Jeans, they have it all.

you also don’t have to worry about the high prices because they also provide Maurices Coupon

Another Alternative Is to Hem the Edges.

If you’re short or hunting for cropped jeans, you’ll undoubtedly find a lot of pairs that don’t fit since they’re too short.

The fact that your jeans are excessively short around your ankles isn’t a reason to avoid them. Hemming or getting your jeans professionally hemmed is a great technique to get your jeans to a length that flatters you which can be easily dorn at Maurices Jeans

Do you want to save time and effort by not having to seek new jeans? Use the tips in this article to discover how to pick the perfect pair of jeans for you and remember them the next time you go shopping.

Color, Pattern, And Design Are All Important Factors to Consider

Denim jeans are frequently washed. Most jeans in Maurices Jeans come in a medium blue wash as standard. Choose a distressed faded wash for a more vintage feel, or a darker inky blue wash for a more edgy and versatile look if you want to go for a more fashionable design.

If you’re ready to take chances, tie-dye, acid washes, and multicolored denim are all possibilities.

Well-fitted jeans have a trendy appeal thanks to details and design features including embellishments, tapes, rips, holes, and tassels.


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