Some tips on how an average student can crack the defence exam

Some tips on how an average student can crack the defence exam

An aspirant who has an interest in general awareness, elementary mathematics, reasoning, and English can clear the defence exam. Well, judging someone’s capabilities on the basis of marks can be a mistake. If an aspirant is dedicated enough to do his tasks then there is nothing he can’t accomplish. Any student having dedication and strong determination can crack defence exam.

Get clarity on which exam you want to prepare for.

Please be clear on which exam you want to prepare for. These exams can have some salient differences in their syllabus. An institution can give you detailed knowledge of every aspect of the exam. If you are aiming to appear for a CDS exam then referring to the best institutions providing CDS coaching in Chandigarh can be a good idea.

The following tips can help an average student in cracking the defence exam.

Prepare a strategy

Devote some time in designing the right strategy. Strategy is the apex of your preparations. Strategy is based on personal requirements and some other important tips given by the experts. A very good strategy can help you reach your goal faster.  Ways to manage them. Don’t try to follow the strategy of others. Design your own strategy.

Manage your time

Managing the time can change the whole game. If you have mastered time management while attempting the questions then you are always a bit ahead of the very well studied aspirant. Managing your time is the most important thing you have to do while preparing for the exam and attempting the questions. Divide your time in every part of the syllabus appropriately while preparing for the exam.

Practicing mock tests

Attempting the questions during the exam is art nowadays. You can answer a question but how fast you can answer a question matters the most. Giving too much time to difficult questions can spoil the whole game. Every expert will recommend you to practice mock tests. Practicing those mock tests that are in the exact format of the exam can be a milestone for an average student. Best institutions prepare mock tests for every exam keeping the exact format of the exam in mind.  If you are making up your mind to solve the mock tests for the preparations for the AFCAT exam then approaching the best institutions providing the AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh can be a good idea.

Importance of syllabus

The most important thing you have to keep in mind while preparing for the defence exam is the syllabus. The syllabus plays a very important part in preparations. Read the syllabus over and over. The examiner never asks the questions out of the syllabus in competitive exams. You don’t need to jump out of the syllabus. Break the syllabus and prepare well.

Knowledge of the right material

The Internet is full of web pages, tutorials, and videos on the text for the preparations. These random texts can never help you in reaching your goal faster. Get acquainted with the right and official material for your preparations. Access to the right material can race your preparations.


Revision is very mandatory for your preparations. Research has shown that you can retain 80% of the content you have studied recently. Remember that revising means improving knowledge. Take tests at least twice a week.  Surf the internet to get some tips and tricks to revise in a better way. If you are preparing for the CDS exam then referring to the best institutions providing the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh can help you revise your subject better.

Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is very essential. There can be some rounds that won’t let you qualify if you do not have a fit body. Having a fit body is a must for cracking these exams. Have a healthy diet and say no to sugary diets. Don’t overthink. Overthinking never lets you have a fit body.


Stay dedicated to your dream. Dedication plays a very vital role in cracking these exams. It is the dedication and hard work that never let the marks of some prominent personalities become the hindrance between them and their dream.

Stay positive and never give up!

Positiveness can do magic. You can face stress but a person who can triumph over the stress can triumph over anything. Focus on your abilities and manage your weaknesses. Don’t give up. The whole universe conspires to make it happen if you have your heart and soul in it. An institution provides a very perfect environment for your preparations.  If you are aiming for AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh then link with the best institutions providing the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.


The world is accepting that true intelligence is measured with the amount of knowledge and hard work. Don’t focus on negative thoughts. The first important thing that your job demands is how positive, active, and dedicated you are to your tasks.


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