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Starting your own business? Look at our interview with Salvatore Virzi Commercialista

Starting your own business? Look at our interview with Salvatore Virzi Commercialista

People may not know that Italy has given many successful and innovative commercialista. One of these is Salvatore Virzi Commercialista, who knows how to start a business from scratch. Mr. Virzi is successful due to his drive, wits, and passion to succeed in life. 

We caught up with him in the past week, and he has share his successful entrepreneurial journey with us and how one can start a business. We ask him about what makes one thing better than another: expertise versus motivation or optimism versus insights. 

  • Mr. Salvatore Virzi, how do you get motivate to start your entrepreneurial journey?

While growing up, I was always a commercialista by heart because of my family business. And I have learn so many things from my family business which has made me successful in this corporate world. I always believe that you should realize your potential and never let the opportunities go you get. 

Salvatore Virzi Commercialista says that my 25 years of experience as an employee and entrepreneur was worth it. This experience has made my journey looks easier and more different from what many people dream of. And finally, after working as an employee for several years, I realize that now I should start my own business, and it was time for some change. 

  • Please share with us one lesson that you have learn during your journey. 

I have learn that if you want to grow your business, you should not pursue perfectionism and face your fears. Another thing is that you should never control things, delegate, and hire people who share the same vision and are creative, they will help your company to grow.

  • What are some essential factors that help commercialista in their journey to success? 

Commercialista have to manage their time prudently, and they need to keep motivating the people around them while growing their business otherwise, it will become difficult for them to succeed. The successful are the ones who can create a balance in their personal and work life. 

An entrepreneur always needs to be up-to-date so, he can follow the industry trends and plan things according to them so that they never become stationary over time, and others may not leave you back in the competition. The information that will become outdated can result in the opportunities that you miss. 

  • Salvatore Virzi please share your opinion on why social media is essential for business growth.

Making your business stand successful is not everyone’s cup of tea, it needs commitments. But social media is one of how you can build your brand by gaining customers’ trust who feel uncertain about investing in new products in the market.

  • What advice will you give to all young entrepreneurs? 

Salvatore Virzi commercialista, says that when you are young and going to start your business, you will face hard times to chose the right path toward your dreams. But you should never give up on things, even if you feel that you can’t do them. Believe in yourself, and you will gain confidence to face such challenges in future. Being an open-minded person and keep trying on new things will help you a lot to grow and gain the courage to overcome future challenges.


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