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The 10 Essential Lash Artist Supplies You Must Use

The 10 Essential Lash Artist Supplies You Must Use

With so many lash artist supplies available on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. There are a variety of lengths, widths, curls, materials and colours that you can buy.  To stay on top of your game, make sure you have all of the items on your eyelash extension supply list on hand so you can deliver the highest quality products and attention to every client.

Eyelash extensions are a safe way to enhance the appearance of natural lashes when done by a competent and licensed professional. Here are some essential lash artist supplies you must use to boost up your lash skills.

1. Lash Primer

If the lash artist supplies do not include an eyelash primer, the service may not be available to all customers. The problem is that sometimes the glue doesn’t stick to the natural lashes or the lashes slip, making it difficult to separate. This is because some customers have oily skin or lash lines that make it difficult to get it right.

Eyelash primers are a real saviour for such situations. A high-quality primer should balance the PH level and cleanse the lashes of all excess natural oils, creating the perfect conditions for creating a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.

2. Lash Glue Remover

When clients bring in their old eyelash extensions, they need an eyelash glue remover. It’s also useful if you accidentally apply your lashes in the wrong place and remove them after the glue has dried. There are two most popular types of lash glue remover on the market, the gel remover and a cream.

Gel removers are thinner and relatively faster acting than cream removers. However, since it contains harsh chemicals, sensitive consumers should avoid it. Because the makeup remover is thicker, it is easier to apply without falling on the client’s eyelids. Although slow to work, the glue remover cream is a safe option for sensitive customers.

3. Lash Cleanser

You must use lash cleanser to clean the natural lashes before you start using the lash artist supplies to your clients. It’s very important to clean all the make-up and excess dirt from the lashes before you begin the application.

4. Lash Tape

Once you know how useful eyelash tape can be, it will be your best friend. Eyelash artists use tape to cover the under eye area. When focusing on the upper lashes, make sure they don’t stick to the lower lashes and cause tangles. Another great advantage of the tape is that it protects the under eye from direct contact with the eyelash glue.

If you’re working on a more complex lash style that needs to be mapped, you can draw lines on the tape and write some notes. You can also use the medical grade strips that are completely safe for use on the face. In addition, it does not adhere strongly to the client’s skin, so it is easy to remove.

5. Eye Pads

In recent years, curlers have become an indispensable part of any la lash artist supplies kit. To use it for binding, you must first insert it and then put the tape on top. The eye pads offer great care and safety to the client’s under eye area, the adhesive is much less likely to come into contact with the skin and the delicate eye area is not irritated when the tape is removed.

In addition, customers feel very comfortable when using the hydrogel eye pads. It soothes their eyes and turns hours of whiplash into a relaxing spa treatment experience. Simply including a liner in your eyelash extension kit takes your eyelash extension game to the next level.

6. Lash Growth Serum

This is the easiest product to sell to most customers. Some clients want more density, fullness or length and made the most of their natural lashes. If their natural lashes couldn’t maintain the look they were trying to achieve, their only option was to grow out the natural lashes.

7.Nano Lash Mister

Nano lash mister is an also essential part of lash artist supplies. Nano Mister is a nozzle-controlled fine mist atomiser. If your client’s eyes are itchy or uncomfortable while beating, the Nano Mister can be a real lifesaver. Applying it to the eye soothes the skin and helps the glue set faster. However, this is not the biggest advantage.

After wearing eyelash extensions for at least 24 hours, you will find that water is absolutely not allowed. It is understandable that most customers cannot wash their face all day. However, if the eyelashes fall out after the procedure, this dry spell will be shortened from 24 hours to 8 hours. This is because the eyelash glue hardens faster.

8. Isolation Tweezers

Good isolation is only achieved when using isolation tweezers such as gloves. Tweezers are usually a personal preference, so keep an open mind when shopping for tweezers. For example, some of your colleagues might like straight tweezers, but that doesn’t mean they like them. Finding the perfect fit requires experimenting with both straight and round isolation tweezers. Remember that poor isolation will significantly reduce retention and may cause discomfort to the client.

9. Application Tweezers

When it comes to tweezers for curling and fixing your lashes, you have a lot more options than the single tweezers. As we know that, each lash style requires special tweezers to make the job easier. For example, if you work with volume, the J-curve tweezers are the best option for creating fluffy fans. However, using the same tweezers for a large fan may be too wide. You can use L-curve applicator tweezers for high capacity eyelash extensions.

10. Strong Lash Glue

Eyelash glue is another must-have tool in any lash artist supplies kit. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying eyelash glue. The lashes are the most important stuffs you need when it comes it lash business.  Make sure to select the sensitive glue that is free of carbon black and reduces the risk of allergic responses. As lash adhesives are chemical compounds, you should carefully check the contents before selecting one.

How to Pick the Right Lash Glue


First of all, you need to consider the climatic conditions. The performance of eyelash glue depends on the humidity of the environment. Therefore, you need to choose one that meets the specific conditions of your location. All reputable eyelash adhesive suppliers list the humidity ranges on the packaging, so you don’t have to do extensive research to find the right adhesive.


As eyelash glue is made from many chemicals that produce strong fumes, some consumers may experience irritation under the tweezers or experience a full-fledged allergic reaction. In this case, you should have a spare adhesive to use for sensitive customers. This adhesive is latex-free and carbon black-free.

The clear adhesive is great for customers with mild itchy eyes and skin. Therefore, for sensitive clients, eyelash extensions should be added in addition to lash artist supplies kits. However, if you use sensitive glue, eyelash extensions last 1-2 weeks less than regular glue. So tell your customers that you need to meet their expectations if you switch to sensitive adhesives.


Eyelash extensions are a fashionable and practical way to boost your natural beauty while also reducing the time you spend on your regular beauty routine.  If you add all the products mentioned here in your lash artist supplies kit, you can boost up your eyelash career to the next level. Investing in quality lash artist supplies will be the best decision and will pay off quickly.

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