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The Best Alternative Study Places in London

The Best Alternative Study Places in London

Recommended spaces for students to check out in case they need a place to study:

Students, we get your struggles. We know sitting at the same place and studying throughout the day can be boring. You need a change of scenery sometimes. If you get distracted in your dorm, university garden, or library, have you tried the trick of changing your environment or the surrounding scenery? It can help you clear the cobwebs and help you concentrate on your assignments better.

It is comforting to study outside, under the clouds, in a different library or even in a pub where a waiter would serve you hot chocolate while you finish your law assignment. However, studying outdoors in British weather isn’t always practical because of the unexpected weather. So, whether you’re searching for a quiet location for solo study or a quirky café with fantastic coffee for some group work, our recommendation list will help you get back on your study track. And who knows, you might discover a new favourite location on our list.

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10 Best Café’s Libraries and Hangout Gardens for Alternative Study Spaces

There are plenty of inspiring places to escape the hustle and bustle of London life and get some serious studying done. These include places from quiet cafés to world-famous reading sites. The following list will help you:

1. The Barbican Library

The Barbican Library is an energetic public library located on the second floor of the Barbican Centre, Europe’s largest performing arts centre. It’s a split-level library with historical literature and a study area on the upper level. There is also a music zone on the lower level, replete with plug-ins and digital pianos. It is a perfect alternative for a change from regular study places. A student must either work or should live in London to borrow materials from the library. However, all public is welcome to use the library facilities.

Barbican Library is a perfect place to study, with recordings, books, and sheet music available for loan to all members. We know that libraries are a big help if you need materials for assignments, but in some cases, you need expert assistance even if you have all the resources. We offer a cheap law essay writing service, so you can always reach out to us via our website in case of academic emergencies.

2. Beas of Bloomsbury Cafe

Bea’s of Bloomsbury is a popular place near St. Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a little café that serves hot chocolates and welcomes guests with smiling faces. The activity of this café can help you focus on your assignments better. You will be surrounded by white noise when you are in this café. The café is large enough that you’ll be able to locate a quiet area easily except during the busiest hours.

The plush cushioned seats are ideal for working and studying. And the fun part is you can stuff your face with their delicious cupcakes and distinctive British tea. You might even order afternoon tea if you need to spend a lot of time studying or are in a group.

This café offers free WiFi if you need to do some internet research. And a rooftop view of London from the sixth floor makes it a perfect combo when you need a break from your routine.

3. London’s Grant Museum of Zoology

The Grant Museum of Zoology is located directly across the main UCL entrance. It’s a small, quirky museum with a diverse collection of animal relics that will certainly brighten your day. The museum offers an appropriate ambience and a huge table right in the middle, perfect for studying or reading. You will also find many interesting things here, from UCL’s iconic jar of moles to a stuffed chicken.

It’s relatively peaceful most of the time. You can easily browse through the collection of artefacts or even adopt a specimen. This would be the ideal way to unwind after long hours of studying and trying to remember things to finish your criminal law essays.

4. The Wellcome Library

If you are a medical student and need a place that holds resources for medical history research, then the Wellcome Library is the best place for you. The library is a part of the Wellcome Trust, a charitable foundation working to benefit everyone and improve health using science.

The library is available to the public, and membership is free. One good thing is that students who aren’t medical students or professionals are also welcome to sit at the library and have a place for a quiet study session.

The Wellcome library makes life easy for students, just like our academic services. If you feel like you need law assignment help from an expert, you can reach out to us. We will be happy to help you with your assignments and research. Our experts are qualified and trained to deliver work on time. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to avail the best academic offers.

5. Bloomsbury’s Cartwright Gardens

Bloomsbury Cartwright Gardens is a place that holds modern houses for the student. The garden overlooks a lovely square with tennis courts and is only twenty-five minutes by tube from The Barbican. Look at the student accommodation area if you wish to find a great quiet study spot in London. You will meet many students here. And who knows, you might make some new friends here.

6. The British Library

Next on our list of fancy places to study in London is the British Library. It is located across the street from the Cartwright Gardens. The British Library has it all: workstations, high-speed internet, various cafes, and even a large outdoor terrace with plenty of seating. We are strong admirers of the outdoors and understand how crucial the atmosphere is when working and studying.

However, you can wander the library between study hours to see ancient, historical artefacts. You can participate in debates and discussions and enjoy free tours and displays. You can also register for free workshops on interesting topics such as “putting your business online in a flash” and “mental health protection”.

The British Library is free for students to visit. But it is best to register online and double-check that you have the proper identification to avoid disappointment.

7. Foyles; the Bookstore

Do you need to get out of your dorm to change the study environment? Do you need a better company? Do you want to be surrounded by more energetic minds? Take the tube to the Charing Cross Road to visit the famous Foyles bookstore. There’s unlimited solace here, with 4 miles (6.5 kilometres) of shelves spread across four storeys and a cafe.

Each level offers quiet spots to catch up on some last-minute reading. Stroll through a selection of recent fiction novels before venturing into the crowded street below to make your commute home even more comfortable.

You can get a book or any novel to study and sit at the Foyles café to enjoy your moments. And when you have a clear mind, you don’t need to wonder about “if someone can write my law essay UK”. You can do it yourself or contact our professionals to write your assignments. All this can be done while you sit at Foyles book store and read your favourite comic or fiction and have some time to yourself.

8. Yumchaa Café

Do you want something special to drink while going over your exam notes? Yumchaa gives you an opportunity to study in Soho while sipping a delicious featured tea. A little Chilli Chilli Bang Bang can brighten you up, or the Earl Grey Blue Star is a sophisticated sip if you like a mellow spin on a classic. All scholars seeking study space are welcome to visit the cafe.

If coffee isn’t your thing, stop by this one-of-a-kind loose-leaf tea shop. Because of its stunning skylight, this business is bright and provides a relaxing ambience. WiFi is available, as are over 40 varieties of tea and locally roasted coffee and a variety of snacks and pastries.

9. Secret Frog

The Secret Frog, a lesser-known gem close to London city postgraduate housing, is an independent coffee bar ideal for peaceful study. It offers free WiFi, a relaxing environment ideal for a study session and free drinks on loyalty cards. How cool is that, huh?

This quaint little spot is a coffee connoisseur’s dream, so if you need a caffeine boost while studying, this is the place to go. You may get whatever type of coffee you want here, whether a foamy cappuccino or a simple black filter coffee. They also serve healthy breakfasts, lunches, nutritional tea, smoothies, and juices.

10. Fordham and Greenwich Park

Gardens and parks are great sources that offer a relaxing environment without spending a penny if you don’t want to visit a café or have enough libraries. You can always visit gardens and study with your group under the open sky. It will help you get your studying spirits back

Fordham is a public park between New Cross and New Cross Railway Stations. Because of the epidemic, parks have become a more popular and accessible study location for folks. If you want more room to yourself, you can visit Greenwich Park – a 74 hectares area that once was known as a hunting location.

Bring a mat, your books and a cupcake to accompany you while you unwind from the crowded places of the city.

Moreover, if you need law assignment help or an expert to assist you with coursework, you can contact us easily via our website and get in touch for academic support.

Anna Stanley is one of the most promising writers at Law Essays Help. She always admired writers since she was in high school and knew that this was a career she wanted to choose for herself. Anna started her career with us after completing her PhD, and since then, she has been on the team with others to support the students achieve their desired academic goals.

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