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The Right Diet to Prevent Cancer

The Right Diet to Prevent Cancer

Introduction: How can foods prevent cancer?

Cancer is one of the most fatal and scary diseases we all hear of. But little do we know that some of the regular foods we consume can help us fight this deadly disease and aid our immunity in combat. The vitamins, minerals, and the natural chemicals that the foods have proved to be a necessary part in the battle. Now, the question is, how do some foods do it?

Plant-based foods like vegetables have naturally occuring substances called phytonutrients. These include carotenoids, polyphenols, and alum compounds along with the phytochemicals like indoles which effectively prevent cancer. These decrease the production of cancer causing hormones. The specific mechanisms include increasing antioxidants, which detoxify the body, and induction of cell arrest. Minerals like Calcium and Iodine which are present in some fruits and vegetables also aids in cancer prevention. 

Foods that help ward off cancer look no different from your healthy diet chart, and are extremely important. Natural cures are always better, no matter what the disease is. 


Foods that fight cancer


Let us give a quick eye on the top foods that fight cancer inducing cells:

  1. Apple: Everyone has heard about the phrase-An apple a day keeps the doctor away and it is certainly true. Apples have dietary fibers, flavan 3 ols, flavonols, and triterpenoid compounds. These compounds combine with certain healthy microbes that reduce the risk of cancer. The dietary fibers also act in weight loss, and excess weight increases the risk of at least 12 different cancers. 
  2. Asparagus: Asparagus is rich in flavonols and folates, and the family of flavonoids have protective functions against the disease. Even the hardest cooking preserves the water soluble compounds in it. This non-starchy vegetable decreases the risk of aerodigestive cancers and even breast cancer. This vegetable goes well with almost all the tasty foods you eat, like pasta, and salads. 
  3. Blueberries: Blueberries increase antioxidant production in our body, and besides preventing cancer, they also improve heart and eye health. Blueberries have dietary fibers, Vitamin C, phenolic acids, and flavonols which are extremely important to prevent cancer. These compounds prevent DNA damage and decrease the risk of colorectal cancer and the Vitamin C boosts your respiratory system, thus preventing lung cancer. 
  4. Curcumin: Circumin has anti inflammatory effects which increases its ability to prevent cancer, because most cancers are caused by chronic inflammations over long periods of time. It purifies the cells and suppresses the transformations and unnecessary growths. It decreases the risk of bladder cancer and gastrointestinal cancer. Indians can easily avail it, as a lot of spices having curcumin adds to the flavours of the dishes. 
  5. Ginger: It works directly on cancer cells, and research proves that ginger can kill cancer cells. They have effects on the ovary, thus preventing ovary. It fights gastric problems and prevents gastrointestinal cancer. 
  6. Carrots: Carrots prevent the risk of stomach to upto 26%. Smokers who eat carrots have lower tendencies of cancer as they contain beta carotene and antioxidants. They either slow or completely damage the growth of cancer cells from the root, so there is no chance in the future as well.
  7. Nuts: Anti inflammatory properties are what experts associate with nuts and thus they prevent endometrial, colon or pancreatic. Alpha tocopherol is the form of Vitamin E which is abundant in nuts, especially almonds, which fight. Nuts also take care of your weight, as 12% of overall all types of are caused due to excessive weight gain and defective weight management. 




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