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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fastener Supplier

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fastener Supplier

Industrial fasteners belong to the family of hardware tools and devices that are heavily used to join two separate parts together with both in semi-permanent and permanent ways. Made and supplied by the leading standard and fastener manufacturers in Delhi, the mechanical nature of fasteners is well known to almost everyone. Their primary subcategories include:

  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Hinges and Studs
  • Handles and Knobs flanges
  • Rivets and Screws.
  • Thumbscrews and self-drilling screws
  • Shoulder and captive
  • Jackscrews, and
  • Security, etc.

The shape, size, and appearance of the fasteners made and supplied by the leading fastener supplier in Delhi depend upon the nature of the application. There are also instances where only custom-made nuts and bolts are used to serve some specific purposes. There are only a very few manufacturers in India that manufacture and supply customized fastener solutions for their customers across the globe.

Beyond these basics, some other products and accessories that play a crucial role in the fastener realm include the following:

  • Pins (spring, cotter, slotted, dowel, coiled, grooved)
  • Adjustable levers
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Processes and Welding
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Sockets, washers, and stampings
  • Spacers and standoffs
  • Springs
  • Eyebolts, rod ends, strap clamps, and
  • Thread repair kits, thread lockers.


While placing an order for fasteners to be used in industrial units, the buyers must consider the following pointers-

Ensure credibility as a supplier 

Manufacturing and supplying industrial fasteners is a highly specific activity for which only a very few makers can be bank upon. To find a top-notch fastener supplier in Delhiyou should, first of all, ensure the credibility of the supplier or manufacturer in terms of customer service. Make sure the supplier has a website where all the information about the product offerings is on display which is an important thing to look at.

Quality is must

The applications of industrial fasteners are very crucial therefore no compromise should make with quality. Choose the best standard and fastener manufacturers in Delhi who prefers quality over quantity.

There are only a very few manufacturers in India that manufacture and supply customized fastener solutions for their customers across the globe.

The capacity to produce customized products

When choosing any fastener supplier in Delhi, you must make sure whether the company can produce customized products as per your requirements. No model or style of nuts and bolts can fit all requirements, and when it comes to industrial-grade fasteners, things get even more important. Making customized fasteners takes both vast industry experience as well as expertise which can’t be expect from every fastener supplier.

Concluding Remarks

Super Screws is India’s leading standard and fastener manufacturers in Delhi offering the country’s widest range of high-quality industrial fasteners. With more than 4 decades of proven experience within the industry, the company manufactures carbon, alloy, and stainless steel components. Today, the company holds a dominant position along with its export-focused holding company, SMF (A Group Company of Super Screws Pvt. Ltd.). OEMs are the largest clientele for the company. For more information on the products offered by the company, one can visit its website.


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