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Tips and Tricks on How to Organize Study Space

Tips and Tricks on How to Organize Study Space

The flexibility of attending classes online frees you from the constraints of a classroom and allows you to study anytime, anywhere. However, as a student, your study area/space has to be your sanctuary. To study smoothly, students need to organize their study space correctly.

Too many interruptions will affect your concentration and productivity. The choice of study area differs from pupil to pupil. Some prefer open areas to study, and some are comfortable indoors. Organizing your study area can be as difficult as using the reflection calculator graph for the first time.

In a few cases, parents are too busy, and they cannot take the time to organize their children’s study areas. Let’s discuss several tips and tricks which need to be followed to organize your study space.

  1. Put your phone away: One of the hardest things to do while studying is keeping yourself away from distractions. So, make this a rule that once you enter your study area, keep your phone in a place that is out of your reach.

A recent study was done on mobile, and the result was terrifying. Students who worked on their assignments and homework affected their concentration. But, on the other hand, pupils who put their phones away showed better results.

Try to keep your phone silent or in airplane mode while working. If you do not want to miss any emergency calls, try to keep your phone in ‘do not disturb mode’ mode and allow incoming calls.

  1. Colour code the materials – The best way to organize materials is to pick a color for each subject. For example, you may choose Red to represent Maths. So, try materials such as red binders, red folders, and colored notebooks for maths. In this way, you will be able to save time effectively.

This way, you can find important maths notebooks and books easily. This process will help you to preserve your study time too.

  1. Be ready with proper stationery– Before you sit to study, ensure that all the pencils are properly sharpened and that pens are ready to use. While taking notes, if you get to know that most of the pens do not have refills, then it will simply waste your time.

Your concentration may get affected too. That is why it is always suggested to check your pens and pencils and then sit to study.

  1. Find a chair and desk– Studying on a sofa or bed may make you feel lazy, and if you are too tired, you may fall asleep too. So instead, find a desk and table between your waist and rib cage.

In this, you can keep your shoulders on the table easily. Again, try to go for a simple wooden chair. Fancy desk chairs may distract you or may make you lazy.

  1. Adequate lighting– If the lighting condition in your study area is not up to the mark, you will not be able to concentrate properly. For example, if you study under fluorescent light, then it may exacerbate eye strain.

Studying under poor lighting conditions may be as tough as using an online word counter for the first time.

It is always suggested to use a desk lamp.

If your study area has access to natural light, use it correctly. Natural light is more refreshing and calming.

  1. Consider a clock– Use a clock to set time-related goals. You must use a timer when preparing for time-based exams such as SAT or ACT. Do not go for fancy smartwatches, as they will surely distract you.
  1. Try to cut off sounds– Some students can attend classes from a cafe as that noise is not distinct enough to distract them. However, some students want complete silence. Even a beep sound distracts them, and they do not concentrate on their lessons.

Try to wear headphones and study to cut off the background sound. Then, when you need to concentrate, you can listen to rain sounds or white noise available online.

Do not use headphones or earphones if you have a sound box. It affects the focus because the sound does not blend in with the background.

  1. Avoid taking any snacks in the study area– Avoid taking food items with a high percentage of sugar and caffeine. This can make you feel jittery, and you may feel lazy.

Having snacks in your study area will also make it dirty. Therefore, you need always to keep your study area neat and tidy.

Try to clean your study area at regular intervals.

  1. Decorate– Try to stick posters that will keep you motivated. It can be of your favourite film star or just a quote. Just make sure that the posters must not distract you. You need first to find out what kinds of posters can motivate you. For example, it can be a car you plan to get after graduation. Or, it can be of your favorite athlete.


These are all steps you can follow if you want to organize your study space correctly. Organizing your study area is not as easy as hiring college application essay help services. It will differ if it is indoor or outdoor.

You may need an extra hand if the study area is too large. Take assistance accordingly and design your space. Keep all the distractions away from the study room. If it has access to natural light, then use it. Do not try to study under low lighting conditions as it will put too much straight on your eyes. You can search the internet for more tips.

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Alison Lewis is a mathematics professor. She is associated with a renowned college based in the UK. Lewis is also associated with and helps students in several ways. For example, she is a master in using the reflection calculator graph. In addition, Ms. Alison has interests in sports and cooking.

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